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Thread: What's the Stupidest thing you have done?

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    Default What's the Stupidest thing you have done?

    Let me see...

    The list is very hard because I have done so many stupid things. Oh.. a lot of the stupid things I do involve alcohol too. Good thing I am keeping it sober!

    When I was a kid, I was all hopped up on Sci-Fi shows and when I found a bunch of wires outside I decided it would be a great idea to poke them into the power outlet. ZAAAAAAAP!!!! Holy CRAP that HURT!

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    I use to own a street legal dirt bike and about 4 years ago I tried to keep up with two of my friends on full off-road dirt bikes on a rocky down hill dirt road. Needless to say I crashed hard and ended up braking my right foot. Ended up riding my bike home over 20miles. When I got home and finally got my boot off I called my mom to take me to the emergency room.

    I also tried sticking something in a wall power socket. I used a key when I was 5. I never did that again.

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    Crashing a car into a tree while manic to prove the world was fake. Apparently it wasnt.

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    While drunk, I took a piece of pizza and smacked my own forehead with it so hard it hurt and left a mark.

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    for me, its expectin people to accept me for what i am at face value. i should know better by now.

    Hmm. Stepping in here. I don't think that's really a stupid thing, as an optimistic one, albeit unrealistic, baby.

    hmm otay. when u tole me stop tryin to pet smoky cuz she was preggo an i didnt and we ended up havin to get rabies shots cuz she bit us bad

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    Stupidest thing I've done? That might take me a year and a half just to sort the list, and I'd still miss probably the worst one cause I used to have blackouts a lot. But the first extreme stupid thing that comes to mind is pretty damned stupid, and it's this: I was very bored, and in a time when I didn't really care whether I lived or died, and I noticed on a bottle of Slime tire sealant that it said it was non-toxic. So I drank it just to see what would happen. I'm ok, but going to the bathroom was an adventure for a while, there.

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    For me, Mommy, I think it was cramming 10 people into a two-door Ford Escort after band practice, and going to Simple Simon's to get pizza for supper. It was already hot, and all the people inside got overwhelming for me, and I blacked out and hit a telephone pole. It was stupid because, with so many people in the car, no one could move fast enough to correct the steering.

    Either that or doing 120 mph down I-75 to class. Brakes went out. Already had my hand on the emergency brake. Now THAT would have been stupid! Can you say lock down with a huge skid, possibly slide or even spin? Thank GOODNESS I didn't do that!

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    Launching off the spine at a skatepark on my bicycle under peer pressure in summer of '03. That hurt.

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    I have two... once I tried to get hangtime on a basketball ring and slipped and landed on my tailbone on concrete and the second was jumping on my bodyboard from a jetty and jarring my back.

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