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Thread: Which nappy should I try out

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    Default Which nappy should I try out

    As I'm going out to buy some nappies, I'm wandering if I should buy boots slip, huggies swimmers or drynites

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    abena tena seni
    Go on and order samples
    Are you number 2'ing as well

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    I think you should try my personal favorite. The Abena X Plus M4 they are tuely an amazing diaper.

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    Out of those choices, I'd go for the Boots Slips. The other two are for children.... and swim nappies won't be much practical use...

    The Abena M4s aren't that great any more as they have officially switched to a fake-cloth backing with a horrible breathable backsheet.

    You can't buy the plastic-backed version domestically any more, but if you don't mind importing them, the plastic-backed versions are still being produced for one or two companies.

    But... if you're going to import them... have a look at the Kolibri Comslips too -- they're even better!

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    Considering the choices you've provided, sounds as if you're attempting to purchase at a walk-in store, it's usually easier and cheaper to buy your padding online, but my first time I did as well!
    See if you can't find yourself a small pharmacy shop near by using Google Maps, I found one near a retirement home that sold Tena's super stretch (or Tena Ultras, for a different tape style) scope out the area and see if you can't find a specialty pharmacy that caters to the elderly ^ ^
    Good Luck!

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    thanks guys, im afraid online purchasing will have to be a miss untill i get myself a house of my own and a decent job to pay my way lol

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    Boots Slip (Attends) or drynites. Wouldn't bother with swim nappies as they will be very small and thin.

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    Was it ASDA that sell adult nappies ?
    just somewhere else to look for better nappies.
    I could be wrong though as I only buy online.
    Do you have a GOOD friend that might get them for you ?
    I prefer the old Tena slip or the ID slip with the (pe) or plastic backing.

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    Various ASDA pharmacies (attached to the big stores) stock Tena slip maxis, they have them in both my local ones in East London.
    You could also pay a visit to your nearest mobility shop which will also stock a number of different options

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    I'm a fan of the cuddlz all over print with 1 tape each side. Very babyish and I've never had any overnight leaks either. Ohh there mail order but get delivered pretty quick

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