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Thread: Teddy bear that plays lullaby

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    Default Teddy bear that plays lullaby

    Is any won know if it exist teddy bear that plays lullabys when you hug it?

    I have read about that in a story and it should be nice to have one if they exist.

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    In the 80's i think there was a care bear one that did

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    When I was a kid I had a Teddy bear with a wind up music box in it. I sure would like to get another. They are hard to make. I want a feminine bear. My kids had bears with pull strings and that works too. I just prefer one with mechanics to the digital player. I do not recall having a hug type. There usuallly are buttons in the hands and I'm sure some have the button in the chest.

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    I have one with the wind up thing, and he's been in family since the early 70s. He is cute but not up for cuddling anymore. He still does play music once in a while for me to go sleepies

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    We bought our grand kids a couple of teddy bears that do a variety of things when you squeeze their paws or push areas in the bear's chest. I'm sure we got them at Toys R Us. One thing they do is to play music.

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    I see those all the time! There are also ones that make sounds to imitate a mother's womb.

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    I got a Teddy bear that has a plastic wind up key. It is pink and adorable. It reminds me of the pink Teddy I had as a little girl.

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    Mine is baby blue with a sleeping cap, footie pajamas and holding a blankie. When you squeeze it's chest, it plays and sings "rock a bye baby". It stays on my pillow during the day but I usually take it off the bed onto the night stand at night. If I roll my head onto at night, it will start to play and wakes both my wife and me.

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    Gund still makes music box bears.

    Build-a-Bear offers a number of sounds that can be played when you hug the bear. You can have a few musical tunes (notably Brahms Lullaby or Happy Birthday) or your arbitrary 10 second recording.

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    I really like the pink Teddy bear that I wind up. Makes sleeping so peaceful.

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