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Thread: New "depends". Thoughts?

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    Cool New "depends". Thoughts?

    Just bought the newest depends for men the other day. didnt really mind them actually. usually i go for the biggest ones but these ones were actually nice, anybody ever try them if so what do you think?

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    What are the "newest" Depends for Men called? If you're referring to the Real Fit Briefs, I like them. Found them to be fairly absorbent and comfortable. My issue with them is only having 2 sizes, as the break between the S/M and L/XL is very close to the average older man's waist size, but if you're a 40 or 42" waist, the ones that also fit up to 50" waists are way too large and can leak, and the smaller size are a bit tight.

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    I just tried the real fit briefs last night. They are extremely discreet and took two small wettings well. They were a bit like an adult goodnite (which are too small for me I would guess? - 32" waist).

    They were fun to wear and nobody would ever know. I definitely prefer diapers, but for times when I need discretion they are a good alternative.

    I'm not really old enough to have moved on to pull-ups though

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    I tried the Depends Tru Fit and for a pull up I actually quite like them. Showed them to my partner and he liked the look. I will probably buy some when I need some more pull ups ( I don't use pull ups very often).

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    I really like the real fit briefs ..they hold a full or two wetting no problem if done slowly and are very discrete

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    I like the real fit briefs. As long as you don't flood heavily all at once, they hold a bit.

    I understand that they are designed not to look like a diaper though, and that was my one misgiving with them. I did have a couple of leaks with some of them, but that was after they had been on for a while and had probably shifted around a bit, opening up the leg guards after a while.

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    I think you have to release REALLY slowly. They really don't have leak guards.

    I was in Shoppers drug mart earlier buying some diapers and my depend real fit leaked on my first wetting and I had liquid running down my shorts. Not good. My wife said that she didn't notice, so it can't have been too bad.

    I will def have to be more careful in the future.

    I still like them as a goodnite substitute.

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    Here is the latest ad campaign targeting the younger set. I found this link through an add in my local newspaper.

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    I got some of the grey pull-ups. They do seem to work well for light wetting in bed. I wet on back, belly and side some last night and no leaks. They seem great for light night time protection. However, standing up or sitting they tend to leak almost immediately. I like them with the cath because I just get a drip on my belly and it will not leak for an hour or more depending on how much I drink.

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    When they fist came out a few years ago an extreme couponer came into my store and purchased hundreds of the 3 packs. He gave me a stack of coupons and with my employee discount I just had to pay the sales tax. I bought several dozen 3 packs (if any one is wondering I told my coworkers I was going to donate them for a tax credit) by themselves they are OK if you wet slowly since they have no leak guards but as stuffers they are great. The absorbent portion seperates quite easily from the underwear portion.

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