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Thread: lego Coputer tower

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    Default lego Coputer tower

    Is there anything that might be bad from an open lego computer tower?

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    Well, it could be cool.. until you bump it and it collapses all over your hardware. If you could find a good way to make it solid enough, it could work. It might be tricky getting the airflow right, though.

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    True, But Adding fans would be easy.

    The support thing is what is hindering the design.

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    Did some digging and here is what I found,

    So I would say that it is possible!!

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    All of them are metal except the last one, and it isn't plugged in.

    I'd say it would be really cool, but you'll probably have to find some special metal Legos. I'd bet they're selling those now...

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    I made a really cool lego computer tower about 9 years ago(by my own standards, it was quite lame compared to the ones mike has posted). It was a PII, and I didn't have enough of one colour, so it was an unorganized rainbow!

    Problems I came across:
    • Heat...I chose the PII because it gave off little heat, but some of the CPU's from the time (certain AMD Athlon's) would have just melted the lego pieces if they weren't positioned right.
    • Case is no longer grounded metal. This is both a problem with accidental ESD shock to a component (bad for me, cause I had a habit of working on systems live :P). Also, it didn't shield any of the RF interference from the computer, so I lost some lower channel clarity on my TV...
    • Lego comes apart easily. This is the obvious one.

    Airflow is easy, just remember the golden rule: air comes in one end, and goes out the other, usually close to the hottest component (ie: in the front and out the back).

    Gawd, I wish I took pics of it

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    use legos and heat resistant glue. There are long flat pieces that you can use for the top and bottom. It'd be hard to make the spaces to hold all the hardware and the mobo and stuff, but you could make the outer casing.

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