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    I forgot what it stands for, but it's possibly the greatest thing ever put on YouTube since nightcores lol

    Basically it's role play, where there is someone doing things with/to you in the form of simulation. Popular ones include doctors and nurses giving check-ups and examinations, or kidnappers cleaning of your wounds (you don't know she's your captor until the end when she reveals all the puzzle pieces) and there's even some of mothers tending to you (you're the sick child, or child who got hurt, or needs tucking in).

    In short, it's all good fun and its very relaxing, there's even some specifically directed at anxiety and pain (of the heart n soul) and people comment all sorts of praise for it. People like me come there because its relaxing and a chance to escape for a bit (think total recall) and others who are hurting inside and want to heal come also to feel better. All in all it's definitely taking a look at if you haven't yet. I couldn't find an ASMR diaper change, even though the autofill drop down showed that people have searched for it.

    Has anyone else heard of it? What are our thoughts on it? Any intersting ones to share? And please elaborate on my explanation of it if I've missed anything.

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    Oh yes, I like it, even though it doesn't work for me

    And please elaborate on my explanation of it if I've missed anything.
    As you wish ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, a phenomenon which is supposed to be achieved through dummy head binaural recording and occasional binaural beats. Recording with a dummy head gives you the advantage, that the listener is able to locate the source of the noise, because the sound shadow of the head, frequency altering effects of the pinna, and differences in the runtime of the sound are sort-of built-in. All of this combined gives the listener an unusual audio experience, which is often described as tingling sensation in or on the head or down the spine.

    To hear all the effects it is absolutely necessary to use headphones. And she is the best in my opinion
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    Yeah that's a more smarticle description than mine lol and yeah Heather Feather is sooooo amazing!! I like her 4K mothering video the best, idk why. She's such a wonderful caring character in her videos

    What I find intersting is that some people are able to use binaural for um less-than-innocent stimulation. I have come across only a few ASMR videos like that but a significant audience portion have used them to fall asleep. I can't do that but it's nice these videos have generated so much healing and relaxation.

    I wish I could suggest an ASMR diaper change to her but I don't have a YouTube account. Maybe someone else could or something. I doubt shed say yes but you never know lol

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