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Thread: New Always Discreet

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    Default New Always Discreet

    Has anyone here tried these yet? They have a free sample offer at I ordered a sample earlier this week and so will not get them for a while. They have standing leg guards on the pull up. While they're marketed towards women I would wear them if decent for the price.
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    no i haven't tried them but they look nice ^-^ you gotta tell how they are when you have tried them!

    btw you forgot an "s" in the link x)

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    I've tried the biggest of the normal pads (Always Discreet Maxi Night) but was saving the pullups for a treat later in the month. The pads have standing leg guards as well but are thin so don't feel good until they're wet and have some bulge to them!

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    I'm a little disappointed that this is the much ballyhooed reentry of Procter & Gamble into the adult incontinence market. I was hoping they were going introduce a new Attends-like brand, but they've just tacked some big pads and pull-ups onto their Always brand.

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    I think that these might be pretty interesting. There is a feature on these pull-ups that are lacking on almost all adult pull-up products…standing leak guards. I am looking forward to them. The cartoon rendition of these make them look more like a pant than a granny panty. Should be interesting. I too have ordered a sample to see how they are. I looked for them on the shelves at one store and did not see any.

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    Pics on this thread:

    By far the best thing about them is the scent. Tena Lady Pants are all 2.50 in Sainsburys now in preparation of the new smaller packets.

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    The drawings make the elastic look fairly smooth, but the animations make it look granny-panty-esque.

    In any case, these look interesting, at least as pull-ups go. My fear would be that the girl-shaped crotch region wouldn't be comfy for a guy unless the particular guy is used to wearing women's underthings.

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    I will update once the sample comes in. Sorry about that I typed it in using my phone on a ferry.

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