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    Hello, everyone. I'm in the middle of a pretty drastic upheaval in life, so there's not much point telling what I do. But I'm a 33 year old man who likes coffee and Anthrax, none of that will change soon.

    I'm not really interested in diapers. I'm not an AB. Someone very dear to me is lonely, and having trouble making friends. I remembered AB communities from joining one years ago, at the request of another friend, and I thought y'all might make good potential friends for Esme, so I made the suggestion. I'm here in support of her.

    I love electronics, for the most part I'm happiest when I'm up to my elbows in wiring and circuit boards. I like RPGS, both video game and table top, and many other kinds of games as well. I'm not sure I qualify as human before I've had caffeine. My tastes in music are all over the place, I can be listening to Insane Clown Posse one minute, Beethoven the next, Rollins Band after that and finish up with the old Voltron theme song, go to sleep and wake up with Jonathan Coulton as my alarm. Books are very important to me, I cannot bring myself to destroy or discard a book, even if it's something I hate.

    For the most part I'm here to keep Esme safe and comfortable. If she makes any new friends, I'd like to meet them too, they're important to her so they'll be important to me. Also, I find that people with unconventional tastes tend to be more open-minded in their other pursuits. I expect there's a lot to learn about a lot, if I poke around the various forums and see what else members are interested in. I do like learning new things.

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    You sound like one awesome dude! :3 Welcome to here, and may you find lots of new knowledge... It's always nice to learn new Things.
    About being open minded... Well... I don't really feel I'm the one to judge others... I'm busy enough judging myself. Lol! ^^

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    hes def awesome sauce AND kewl beans! hes the bestest daddy ever! and i love him love him love him love him to bits! thank you daddy for bein here with me! and for finding me this place.

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    When I ask if there's anything I can do to help, baby, I mean it. It's not ego for me, it's wanting you to be happy and healthy as you can be. If pointing you to something else and letting you help yourself is what's needed, that's what I'll do. I love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpingHer View Post
    I'm as awesome as circumstances allow. I do try.
    So you are her knight in shining armor? Wait, no, apparently not 'shining.' Her white knight? Hmm, not quite that either. Knight in white satin? Not quite there yet. either. Though some of its lyrics seem to apply:

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    Seriously though, welcome to our littles' corner of the universe. We are a a support site, and as such, we are home to more than just the 'padded people ,'in fact, many littles are not even into diapers, as such.. We welcome and cater to peoples'parents, friends, partners, priests, caretakers, and interested other parties of all sorts. Some on here (eg. me) love bring ab or dl. There are others who hate it to their core. Adisc is here for all of us.

    Another song that springs to my mind, has these lyrics:

    Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
    Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
    Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
    Every time I look into the Holy Book I want to tremble (tremble)
    Or when I read about the part where the carpenter cleared the temple (temple)
    For the buyers and the sellers were no different fellas than what I profess to be
    And it causes me shame to know we're not the people we should be

    I am not religious but I happily will repeat the message found in works of religion where it suits me.

    A poet Called T.S. Eliot is often cited as having said,"bad poets imitate, good poets steal."

    So when someone else says what I want to say, but better than I could, I cite them, and very often, in the form of their music.

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