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    Unhappy Rejected

    Hai everyone. My names Esme. Im six.

    I dont really have an interest in diapers. Im kind of a strange case I guess you could say. Im a DID alt. I really am six, but Im kind of like not really real to most people so people get really weird around me and i got real tired of being rejected and i thought that other lil people in big bodies mite be more accepting of me. Thats what Im hoping at least.

    I love playing MineCraft and RuneScape when Im fronting. I also love to read and sing and dance. Rite now Im completely in love with the music group Bella Morte, but I dont think Id ever do anything with Andy but kiss his cheek if we ever met witch we mite at DragonCon next month *fangirl squee* But yeah.

    I really just wanna find sumone to talk to. I dun have many frends cuz when i come out everyone runs away. I guess i make them fele werd cuz Im diffrent or somethign. But yeah. So that's me.

    Please. just give me a chance. i just need a frend or to.

    Edit: Im DID. Dissassociative Identity Disorder. Used to be multiple personality disorder. the person i call my mommy is our core, or the original if you wanna be crude or even the birthbody holder i've heard called. anyway. mommy is 33, so the body is 33. im a lil that was made by some real bad stuff happenin to mommy when she was lil, an i kinda split out an i got stuck at six. so im a kid in a adult body for real. though i been tole im not really real cuz i dont have my own body. but im not mommy. but this hurts my head tryin to think how best to splain it so maybe daddy (mommy's boyfriend, HelpingHer) can splain it better if you still dont understand what im tryin to say.
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    Just remember you've always got me. Now go make lots of friends!
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    i done retold what i am. i sowwy for confushun. confushion.

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    No, I should be the one to say sorry, I apologize for my part. (I was mistakened by the age=6)

    I am still going to welcome you to ADISC. I'm sorry your like this but remember, this is a community meaning we will all help and pitch in together. I know you will find friends up here, trust me!

    People are generally assholes and obviously don't care about their emotions. Some people like to spit on others and not even care that they hurt someone's feelings. Other people can generally ignore others because they can't do what normal people can do but you are special and can do what other people can't do is admit who you truly are and that can take alot of guts. If you need any friends I don't mind throwing my hat to you *Because it's macklemore's ^^* So many people have to realize what kind of person you are and if they don't care, then why should you care for them? It's obviously a complete waste of time. I promise buddy it isn't worth the stress.

    I see what your going through although I'm sorry I never experienced it myself but from your point of view your saying you got rejected. Well that only means you hung out with the wrong group and you need to surround yourself with positive people. ADISC is a great start and your friend/mommy HelpingHer did a great job telling you about this website because this website is very, very friendly. I too am friendly so you can refer to me as a great apple (If I get mad which is rare I turn into applesauce :3 )

    The mind is a very powerful body and can take years to control but you have me with that bullshit reason *Nobody has the time* They got it, they just choose to not have enough time. You have potential and that's all that counts.

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Also please tell me a little more about yourself! Do you like to go to movies? Read? Play? I wanna know ^^
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    i dont really hold it against no one for being kinda freaked by me. i mean, when you see a body thats obvs old but the voice and actions of it are way young, it can be weird. and when a 33 year old says Im six, it gets even worse. ive had peeps tell me that im not real cuz im just an alt. ive had peeps tell me they dont hang with kids. ive had peeps thats left me and mommy and the rest of the system completely. its just not something everyones gonna be able to deal with i dont guess. just kinda sucks, yano? reason daddy brawt me here is cuz last nite i got rejected agin. mommys frend tole me that "lil ppl play with lil ppl. big ppl play with big ppl" i asked if he wasnt gonna be my frend and he tole me no he was mommy's frend but wasnt gonna be mine. im tired of bein hurt.

    as for what i like. i like coloring, and Disney movies, and jumping on trampolines and the bed. i like skipping rope and i like singing at the top of my lungs. i like dancing, mostly ballet but just cuz i never learnt to hold my toes like mommy did for point. um. i like to read. i can read pretty well for my level and i can even use big words cuz of sharing some of mommys brain, but i dont like using adult words and spellings and stuff cuz thats not being true to me if i use someone else's stuff. i love going to the movies but mommy's agoraphobic and skairt of people so we dont really leave the house much at all.

    um. i never really know what to say bout myself cuz i dun really know myself to good cuz i dont front much no more cuz i get tired of not havin no frends

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    I think you'll have more opportunities to come out to play, comfortably, here baby. You can learn more about yourself by being yourself.

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    I think this is the first time we've had someone with a child DID alt on this site. We are welcome to have you, and all your alts, whichever alt is present at the time, anytime.

    Most AB's and age players here, no matter how "deeply" they may regress, are still truly adults with full adult faculties. Not being familiar with DID and I apologize if I make any presumptions, may I ask just out of curiosity, how much of an adult side is present when the six-year-old is there?

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    pends on if mommy or anyone else is fronting with me. if im alone im just a "normal" kid, jsut hypersexal daddy says. i can pull stuff from mommy or others memories but i dun like doin that cuz its feels im not being me but sometimes i have to to splain things better. thats how i see myself anyhow. if you want truth you should ask daddy. he helps us all lots think stuff out when we dun get it ourselfs. as for apologizing for presumptions, the only time i get mad at that is if you dun ask nutin bout it but leave anyway.

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