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    I meant to post this before work today. Its nice to finally see furry in a positive light. They also did an amazing job to explain the "sexual" side of the fandom

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    Agreed! It's not all about sex, even though the sexual stuff is what catches the attention most easily. I'm also glad how they explained not every furry is an actual fursuiter...

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    That's a surprisingly tasteful (and IMHO, accurate) view of furries. I have to applaud Amna Nawaz for not cheap-shotting, even once. The sexual side of things was explained well, without it sounding like some sort of perverse deviancy (ala CSI, or...well, pretty much any other mainstream depiction of furries), or ignored altogether as though it is something to be ashamed of.

    I think that was something an "outsider" could have watched and come away with a good impression. Several times she seemed to be impressing upon the viewer that this is something a lot of people do. Normalizing it, in other words. And the people depicted - at least the ones out of costume, of course - were all "normal" people, too. I mean, in terms of how she portrayed things. Y'all know what I mean. It was good.

    I don't really care if anyone ever considers being "furry" to be reasonably normal, but "normalizing" the fandom, to a degree, is important to get rid of the bad stigma we have in the general public mind - it's not all about sex, or some strange mental delusion. It's more along the same lines as people dressing up as superheroes at Comicon.

    Anyway, that short little documentary was a good step along that path. I'm certainly pleased.

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    i liked this, wasn't all about "OMG look at these freaky people and their freaky sex stuff" like i have seen others do.

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    This makes me want to get Pandora as a fursuit lol

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    I'd love to go to one of these if I get the time, and the money for a suit, I would feel really out of place if I couldn't put on a full suit.

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