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Thread: Huggies Pull Ups vs Pampers Easy Ups

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    Default Huggies Pull Ups vs Pampers Easy Ups

    A few notes on Huggies Pull Ups vs Pampers Easy Ups...

    On Easy Ups...

    First off, Easy Ups don't have the wetness indicator. That's a bad sign right there.

    Secondly, the "easy tear sides" on Easy Ups are anything but easy.

    On Pull Ups...

    The wetness indicator is pretty much useless to a child. It isn't enough to notice visually, and if I were a toddler I wouldn't really care.

    The easy open sides work fantastic, and are refastenable. However, with those, doesn't that just make them a regular diaper?

    The Big Difference:

    The big difference is in the materials. Easy Ups actually feel like underwear. Pull Ups just don't.

    Essentially, I don't see much difference between Pull Ups and slip on diapers - because that is what Pull Ups are: a diaper.

    So, as an ABDL, I love the Pull Ups... But from a real world, practical standpoint, neither of them are great.

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    This is why my parents never tried training pants on me, and nor will I try them on my kids.

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    The last Pull-Ups I tried had a very "papery" feel to them -- quite unpleasant, IMO. Easy-Ups, on the other hand, are very soft, and are also scented. Sides hard to tear? Good! For the AB/DL, that is. Of course, one must have a waist in the mid 20's of inches in order to put these on, which rules out all but the smallest of us. I can't get Pull-Ups past my knees! Easy-Ups, by virtue of their tougher and stretchier sides, can make it most of the way up my hips before giving out. FWIW.

    I don't buy either of them with any regularity, but it's fun to burn through a pack every now and then, typically when new styles come out. Modding required.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaciAlone View Post
    Essentially, I don't see much difference between Pull Ups and slip on diapers - because that is what Pull Ups are: a diaper.
    Yeah, the Slip-On diapers are still a bit of a mystery to me. Next to Pull-Ups, the only obvious difference is the color/print. Other than that, they have the same low rise and disastrously narrow crotch. I wouldn't be surprised if they were a bit more absorbent, but I've only had them once and didn't pay close attention.

    I think a lot of people expect Pull-Ups to be larger than baby diapers because they're intended for children of potty-training age. In fact, the opposite is true, as they're sized to fit and feel like underwear. Any size 6 baby diaper is considerably larger than Pull-Ups, and if you can pull on Pull-Ups, you'll almost certainly be more comfortable in any Pampers size 6/7 diaper.

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