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Thread: kiddie style shoes.

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    Default kiddie style shoes.

    I found this awesome website with SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse Shoes etc...

    What do you guys think?

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    too bad there isn't a size 13 and a little cheaper. I would totally get a pikachu pair.

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    Ha ha! They look pretty cool, but it's a Chinese website. The brands will (presumably) be fakes, and could be seized and destroyed by customs. If they're not destroyed, you'll be liable for tax and import duties. And if they are poorly made or don't turn up... there's nothing you can do without a trip to China and a local lawyer...

    The website tries to load scripts from linezing(DOT)com. A quick search shows that domain may be associated with poor levels of trust and malware.

    And there's more here for anyone interested:

    The reason it seems so cool is because it's (almost certainly, in my opinion) a scam site. They've spotted a niche that will get lots of people excited and willing to take a risk for something that isn't available elsewhere and... well... they cash in and do a runner.

    I'd strongly advise people not to give their credit card and identity details to these people... Sorry...

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    Good point tiny. Those shoes look really cool and all but there seems to be a lot of risk involved.
    Tyger: I.m a 13 too, so if it wasn't for that and the point that tiny made I'd be up for a pair myself, but I would do $80 for a pair. It's a fair price if they are registered. Still it's a shame, if I find a pair of shoes that I love but they're not available in my size I curse whatever or whoever is responsible for it. Oh well, live and learn then go to the net.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepsiseven1 View Post
    Good point tiny.
    Cheers. I forgot to mention that it's also illegal to import counterfeit goods, so as well as having them seized and destroyed, you could (in theory) be prosecuted and fined (and/or imprisoned).

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    Oh -- I just came across a review of another (apparently legit, US-based) company that fits flashing LEDs to trainers. The main site isn't working, but there's a review here:

    Original link:
    Cached copy:

    And the company itself is here:

    Personally, I'd still be reluctant to order from them as there are no contact details on the "contact us" page of their website -- just a web form. And they used an anonymising service to register the domain:

    However, I haven't seen any bad reports about them and their address is hidden away in the T&Cs. But you can see from Google StreetView that it's a residential property:

    5428 N Hickory St, Kansas City, Missouri, US, 64118
    So... a bit risky, but probably legit...

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    Best kiddo shoe's I own are a pair of velcro Vans "Prison issue" shoe's... Mine are red and are so awesome! I highly recommend getting a pair!

    Click image for larger version. 

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