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Thread: The Empathy of Secrets

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    Question The Empathy of Secrets

    Anyone ever run into friends/family that share a secret of a similar nature, and been tempted to tell them about your ABDL side?

    One of the more common ones i run into are furries...
    I am not a furry, but have a couple friends irl, that i know are furries. Part of me has always been slightly tempted to tell them about my own secret, but i've never acted on it.

    anyway, i've just found out that my step brother is a furry, and i find myself revisiting this temptation. For what reason i don't fully understand; but it's like i'm growing tired of being so secretive about this side of myself.

    I'd expect furries to be a bit more understanding than others, but at the same time i've seen at least a few furries online that are not.

    Does anyone else have any opinions/experiences on this subject?

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    I know someone who is a bit fringy in his interests and I honestly doubt this would weird him out too much. On the other hand, it's private and I have no desire to include him in my diapery hijinks. He's also not very discreet, so that really rules him out.

    Specifically for furries, they're much more likely to at least know about babyfurs and diaper furs. By and large, this knowledge doesn't appear to endear BFs and DFs to them. I don't see furries as being in the same class of fringe behavior as ours is, and I suppose those who don't like us don't see them as all that similar either. I think this is best on a need to know basis.

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    Once in a conversation with friends it was revealed that an acquaintance of ours was AB... I nearly choked on my own tongue. These friends were quite informed about him and some of his behaviour. Although I had only met this guy a few times I desperately wished I could share my secret with him, but I was way deep in the closet then. I have no contact with him now. But I've moved on anyway. Still, I was envious of his confidence to be open.

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    It certainly is nice to have people that know who you can open up to. Especially if they are family and you can trust them, because then you have somebody you can talk to verbally about your stresses. Many furry's are aware of babyfurs and diaperfurs, but many of them have a bad taste for that side of the furry fandom, not all though, I think mostly just the ones that go to conventions. Since you are not a babyfur / diaperfur I would guess that you wouldn't have exactly the same response if your step brother had any feelings towards bf/df. Since he is liberalized enough to say to people that he is part of a subculture such as furry's, I would think that you are pretty likely to get some amount of understanding. There is risk involved, but for most young adults, they usually just say, "well that isn't a big deal" when you tell them you like diapers and babyish objects.

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