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    I'm a thumbsucker like for reals...
    From womb to tomb
    While I love my thumb, in my adult baby life I have come to enjoy a paci. I have tried kid paci's but I love my nuk 5, but I can't help but wonder would I like a nuk7 more.
    So what do y'all think? I've talked to one other thumbsucker who said a nuk7 was too long for them...
    What size paci do you like and why?

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    I love the nuk 7, there are some advantages in comfort with the 5. Essentially it is like having a sucker in your mouth, that is how I would describe the placement of the 7

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    The NUK 7 feels more satisfying than the NUK 5 IMO. You can get the same soothing feeling and more without having to have the guard pressed so close to your lips. Honestly, I would recommend it wholeheartedly. Also, get the silicone one. It's very pricy, but so worth it.

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    I'm allergic to latex so I would go with silicone either way it was hard to get used to at first but. Now I love it. I have wore out my silicone nuk 5 that I got in November 2012. It's not broken but dis coloured and I'm starting to see flecks inside. I'm just nervous because my papa bear (husband) wants to buy a née one for my birthday and I'm scared to spend all that money if I don't like it. Besides ADISC and tumblr I only talk to two AB's and they don't live near me to ship it to them.
    Mmmm i think I will like that you don't have to work as hard to keep it in and both of you make it sound so worth it.

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    I've got both 5's and 7's but I prefer my 7. Been using them for two years now.

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    I really don't like the nuk7. Way too long and way too big for my mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoredBoy View Post
    Where do you even find a Nuk 7?
    On the website pacifiersrus. They invented them, and are the only ones who make them.

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    Anyone try the new babypants paci? It's larger than the Nuk 5. I like it.

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