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    I usually wear medium molicares but i have ran out and my only option to buy at the moment are large molicares which are like 35" waist plus, and i am a 32... will i still be ale to pull them tight?


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    They will work, but they will be too big. You will just have to tape them extra tight. This is general diaper experience, I've never had Molicares. You will just have to buy them and try it out for yourself.

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    Be prepared to be swimming in diaper.

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    There is a substantial difference between the medium and large molicares. I know from personal experience. o matter how tight you tape it, it will rise too high and won't feel tight anywhere. It will probably work, but it won't feel right.

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    You can roll down the top so it doesn't rise as high.

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    ...But high-rise is good, right? Seems like the trick is a tight enough fit, which, as far as I know, should be possible if tapes worked.

    So far, I haven't encountered a tape worth trusting. I must be doing it wrong.

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