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    Just found something pretty great:

    Monsters University Drynites. Woot

    They are sized for 2-4 year olds which is no better than the monsters university pull ups which are common here in the US, but still I love the fact that goodnites is expanding beyond spiderman for their licensed characters. Not a guarantee, but this seems to be a trend in the right direction for getting more and better character themed goodnites. If only they would do such prints for the L/XL size.

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    What exactly would they put on those L/XL products?

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    If it's anything like we get in America, then it's unlikely you'll get the characters in the larger sizes. Interestingly, on the girls side, those are the same Disney Fairies designs we got last year (probably still my favorite ever, the new ones here are still very cute though).

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    They must be brand new as I have never seem the 2-4 yo ones in the stores here in Australia.

    Would be awesome if they did do them or Spidey on the larger ones but that does seem unlikely since the new plainer designs are still a fairly recent implementation.

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