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    I now know how to accept this part of me. I'm not going to label it or pit it in a category. I don't consider myself a abdl because I want to be me and it's uniquely me. I know I want to have a relationship dynamic where me and my SO take care of each other and nurture one another kind of like a little dom relationship but I won't label it that way. I don't need the diapers or need her to wear them I just want someone I can hold and call "baby" and have her do the same to me. I don't need the objects just what they stand for. If me and my future wife want to dress up in cute outfits or even go as far to look like babies, awesome, but I won't make a big deal of it. I really just now understand it never was the objects (that's why I struggled to accept this part of me because I was looking at the wrong parts) but it's about the nurture and love they stand for. And that's why this has been so difficult for me. I don't have someone I can hold and care for and have her do the same. I have to be patient but it's hard. Luckily I have God to help me with that and I pray that you lovely people will pray that I will have patience and the maturity to wait for the right time and the right girl. Thank you all for the words you have shared with me the past month. Has really helped me.

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    It's great that you found solace. It's the same story for me as well; these desires are an extension of a longing to be loved and cared for. An extension of trust between you and a significant other. It's a silly extension, yes, but at least you don't see it as a vile curse anymore. One of the best revelations.

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    Reword: good for you! I'm glad you feel you have some resolution to your torment you started out with here. You're still a very young man. At your age the desire to have an SO is strong. Yes, you are yearning for love of a different kind than that of a child/parent or friend. That's good and normal. (Try not to fall in love with the idea of being in love, or you might end up in bad relationships that cause lots of pain. Sometimes the more we seek love the harder it is for love to find us!). Relax and enjoy life.

    For many of us the thoughts of liking the "objects" as you refer to them came back over and over. Maybe for you they won't. But whether they do or don't, you are one of God's unique creations and you are good. Never forget that regardless of where your life's journey takes you. I do pray you will be patient in this transition of your life from one of dependence to one of mature independence. There will be many high points in your journey, but also lots of low points. But you will never walk alone. God be with you!

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    Yes, I think I went through a lot of different stages of this when I was young. Of course, without the internet, I was all on my own. But for whatever it's worth, I did date and get married. I indulged on rarer occasions and tried to back burner it.

    As for dating and finding a SO, falling in love and loving another person incorporates nurturing and caring. It's how one expresses nurture that can make a relationship or endanger it. Common sense is invaluable here. Go slowly and find that person who appreciates who you are and remember that it's always a two-way street.

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