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    Hello everybody,
    I'm a 20 year old life-long diaper lover from the East Coast of the US. I've been interested in wearing and/or using diapers most of my conscious life. I can remember as young as 5 years old asking Santa for a baby doll with diapers so I could wear and use the diapers as secretively as any 5 year old could have, being that my parents wouldn't put me back into diapers willingly. From then on my fascination progressed. Everyday diapers are always in the back of my mind, no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going. It's something I've learned to live with and accept about myself, however coming out about this is a different issue for me.

    I recently came out to my girlfriend of 6 months and it didn't turn out as good as I planned. It was late at night. I explained my feelings and stance on diapers and how they've effected me my entire life. She accepted that and still loves me for me and she's moved on from it. From the night that I told her until now (about 1.5 months) there has been a few occasions of fun-poking when we go to the store but never anything rude. I actually like that he pokes fun at me for it.

    In the last few weeks my diaper urges have been stronger than usual and I caved several times into my need. I bought a package of CVS Fitted Briefs (Depends Maximum Protection were sold out ), a sample package of Bambino Biancos as well as my first ever sample package of Abena M4s (which I don't think lived up to the hype). Seeing as I'm going off to college in two weeks I plan to get settled at college and purchase a case of diapers to keep in my backpack, closet, etc. Luckily I was placed in an off-campus apartment that hopefully has enough hiding places for them.

    When I use the diapers, I don't typically flaunt it. Ive gone out on occasion to get food, drinks, gas, etc. but I've never worn clothing two sizes too small to make the bulge stand out more than necessary. There's something about diapers that just makes me feel secure and carefree.

    TL;DR: Talk to me, I like meeting new people.

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    I made a previous introduction thread but can no longer edit it due to my name-change, so I made a new one!

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