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Thread: Hello! Newbie to the forum but not diapers

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    Default Hello! Newbie to the forum but not diapers

    Hello to all! I'm a dl and little (though I use that term kind of loosely) but I'm regularly mistaken to be around high-school age which doesn't bother me any

    I've always been into diapers and remember as a child, loving my pull-ups. I wanted to wear them all the time. I'd get in so much trouble if I wet them before going to bed or after waking up and at one point my mom had to hide the bag of them because I kept getting into them and just playing with them. I know it's awful but I was also prone to pilfering the diaper cabinets where she worked (a school with a day care attached to it) because she'd sometimes take me with her on weekends when no one was there so she could clean and organize her older-kid classroom. I would snatch two or 3 and be in absolute heaven. Those were the days when I could actually squeeze into a child sized diaper.

    And now I'm just boring. :>

    That's about it I guess.

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    Hello Stralla and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies or interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hi Egor, thanks for the welcome
    I feel I made a mistake registering here at this community, if member of the moderation team could delete my account I'd be very grateful.

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