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Thread: Shame on pampers

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    Default Shame on pampers

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    Most people who wear diapers do so because they have to. They want something that's discreet and also, unlike ab/dl's, are more likely to pick a product that doesn't feel like a diaper. Thus, that explains why cloth-backed products are the most common on store shelves. They're designed to feel more like underwear to appeal to people who probably don't exactly enjoy wearing diapers.

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    If you're IC, I assume you wouldn't need something that could hold up to 70+ ounces for day-to-day use. Like Kimba said, they're getting things they need, not want.

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    Darn, now I wonder what the question was and what does Pampers have to do with medical issues?

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    I'm assuming it was the monthly "why doesn't pampers/huggies make adult versions of their diapers" question.

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