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    My wife is doing the after recording of me setting up the camera. Don't tell her I sold her out. LOL

    Yes... My camera stand is held together by Mario duck tape and Hot Glue... BUT It's my Nieces fault and I can prove it. She ran into the stand when I was doing a video for her!

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    That really hit the spot for me actually!

    I live near a river but I can't wade in it because it's so polluted and full of corrosive acids that I think I would get sick from it. I found this video uplifting because you did something I have never done before. I was depressed today until I saw this video Mitchy!

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    Isn't it called duct tape not duck tape? I thought the origin of the word was from plumbers using it to seal heating ducts together.

    At least she didn't break it whilst it was in the river!

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