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Thread: found a wonderful diaper for me

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    Default found a wonderful diaper for me

    unique wellness Superio Signature Brief fits me wonderful and holds all my urine in i cant wait to buy cases

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    They are one of those rare diapers that actually fit me perfectly too. Having a 30" waist I'm right in the middle of the size range. The other diaper that fits me perfectly is Dry 24/7 small. Most small diapers are either too small and I need to stretch them out a bit or if they do fit well, they are generally far less absorbent then mediums. Smalls ride a little lower then I like unless I am wearing outside the house and want to be discrete. I will generally choose medium's by default because they hold more, but some are just to Big with their size ranges starting at 34".

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    They're pretty good. A tad expensive for what they are, but cheaper than other premiums, and a bit more discrete. The shell is approaching clothlike which doesn't feel so good but is quieter, and there's basicallly NO decoration on it to make it blindingly obvious what it is. (abena...)

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