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Thread: whats your line

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    Default whats your line

    at what point in your roleplaying do you say that's enough

    i wear diapers
    suck on a paci
    drink frome a bottle time to time
    wear onzies or fotties
    and want to have another person baby me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    wha? What is this?
    Nevermind lol
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    I think he was asking how far is too far.

    Anyways for me it would be dependent on the person *and* location.

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    Whenever starts to be fetishy. Now, I have no problem with the ABDL as a fetish (and It's even that way for me rarely), but when I simply want to have a nice caretaker RP, I don't want something like *sniffs your diaper and unbuckles belt*. Ick, I just don't like that.

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