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Thread: When you're not a Toddler

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    Default When you're not a Toddler

    This must mean I'm still a toddler, because I still do some of these things >.<

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    unfortunately i could not do things like that i wish i had the ability to over power my mind

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    I do some of it when -not- in company.... I'm certain I look ridiculous eating sometimes if I'm distracted, and walking around naked on a hot day when nobody's home but you is the best. I'm also easily amused by balloons.

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    It was funny to see some of the ladies staring at his wee wee. I remember seeing another clip from youtube were a guy walk around naked and all the ladies put their hand over their mouths. They were all shocked. In this clip they did not do that. The guy reminds me of Mr. Bean a little bit.

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    That was genuinely funny to watch!

    I'm not sure if I should be worried that I do most of the things in the video though...

    (cross-posted from here).

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    i really liked this vid. it made me feel not so bad bout things. i love balloons and i never can say sketti rite. lol thanks for sharing this!

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