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Thread: first time getting pampers size 6

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    Default first time getting pampers size 6

    Hai i'm timmer.

    I live close to the Dutch German border. I live in Germany.
    I'm a gamer that likes AC games and Cod. that's the introduction of my.

    I wanted to talk about this title of this thread.

    today I went to the store to a Dutch store to get 2 baby dry packs of pampers size 6. I have viseted these form very often. I wanted to know if I could fit in Pampers size 6. I looked at several post and some of them said yes and other said maybe or no.

    anywhy. I bought the pampers and when I was home I put them on. a little pre-stretch and the pampers fitted my. it was not snug or barly getting the tapes on, I put on the tapes very easily. and it was comfy.

    I have a 75 cm hip size ( 29,5 inch) and my waist is 71,5 cm (28 inch)

    I wanted to do this thread to let some other people who want to buy them know that if you want to buy diapers you need to do that if you want. I did it and it workt out.

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    Good call, I'm 26/27 inch in waist and they fit with plenty of room and I'm not even smuggling plums Lol

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    Yea, the size 6 baby dry are really nice. Also try the Pampers Swaddlers size 5 and cruisers size 7 if you get the chance.

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