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Thread: anyone try white cloud dipers

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    Default anyone try white cloud dipers

    just saw some white cloud sleep pants on ebay anyone try them if so are they worth it ?

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    If I recall properly, these are a Wal-Mart generic brand. Probably not the greatest thing to exist, but if they're cheap and that's your thing, try them? (Albeit buying in person might be substantially cheaper than shipping them to yourself)

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    You can get them rather cheap at Wal-Mart. They aren't anything fancy. No need to spend extra money on eBay.

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    I can check if you want, but I think those are the ones with the unisex printed youth pull on diapers that allot of store brands use but just change name and in whiteclouds case the print. From what I can tell they are same as these but with a print. For me the sides tear more then they do on underjams, but from what I can tell because they are cheaper the odds of getting a bad batch is higher.

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    White Cloud Sleep Pants are absolute garbage. The sides rip off the front panel with ease, so steer clear of them if you want to wake up in a dry bed.

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    Also the run smaller than the goodnite and underjammers do. Not a good brand if you ask me.

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