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Thread: New partner,might be incon or abdl? Scared to ask

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    Default New partner,might be incon or abdl? Scared to ask

    M/27/AZ .So I've recently found a new partner who to my liking has been very kinky with me, toys, bondage, etc.
    She has mentioned" to tell her all my fetishes " during our sexual play. As I'm okie with letting her know all my other fetishes, but I still fear for telling anyone about my abDL fetish. I have never told anyone simply because once its said I can't undo the words . It has always been a alone fetish. As much as I wish I was with someone I could role play with and live out my abdl fetish with I still fear for the unknown, and the exposure to my secret. As much a I do want her part of it I don't know if she will want the role and scare her away.

    So this where it gets interesting. When she mentioned fetishes as example for me tell her she listed off quite a few and said diapers as one. But I didn't act on it as I still want it secret.FYI She is also an ex girlfriend of mine that maybe rekindling. But in the past when I was with her she happened to get into a pee fetish because of me. But later didn't like the act as much as she like watching the porn. So she may have some interest and at least knows that maybe part of my fetish.
    But this is the red flag when I was at her house the other day I saw a brand new pack of pampers right next to her toilet. At first I didn't realize what they were because of the all white packaging and simple pampers sticker on them. Well the bag was full and so I figured maybe her friend left them there because she has a very close friend with kids.

    But 3-4days later(tonite) I went back to her house. To see her for our nightly dinner and sex. So when I went to the bathroom I had to check!!! Sure enough the pampers we're not next the toilet. So I figured they were in a cabinet. Well upon checking the package was nearly empty. Maybe 2-3 left , didn't touch or check as any difference I how they were put in there would be noticeable , she's very observant. So I've been so happy to think that this could be the one!! Someone to actually be comfortable with with being an abdl. Considering I've been an abdl for 8+years alone I never thought this could happen.

    So I reach out to you the community. What do I do. Do i ask, do I tell her bout me, do I try get her to tell me about it. Or just wait it out and see what unfolds and judge my disclosure at the right time????

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    Personally, I'd ask about it. If she is really interested in knowing your fetishes, and she has disclosed some of hers to you, then I think you have a solid enough reason to tell her about your fetish. It's all up to you, but I think I would tell her.


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    I say start with asking her to tell you more about when she mentioned diapers as one of her fetishes. See what she is into with diapers. See how much you and her have in common then once you have that information open up about yours. Be sure to have some diapers someplace close with you that fit you in case she wants to see you in diapers. But other than that take the lead from her and build on that.

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    Are you sure there's no children that visit her like nieces, nephews or a friend's baby? Otherwise, I would definitely ask and as you say, you're already doing bondage and other kinky sex with her, I don't see what the hesitation is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Are you sure there's no children that visit her like nieces, nephews or a friend's baby? .
    i was thinking the same, cause that could be some diapers that was left from a visit

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    This somehow caught my attention:

    Quote Originally Posted by sdaleguy480 View Post
    FYI She is also an ex girlfriend of mine that maybe rekindling.
    So you're back together with her? As it sounds not that long also.

    You didn't mention what exactly got you to end your relationship at first, and why you're back together now. So anyway I hope that you've overcome any problems or whatsoever you might've had in the past, since that's probably the most important factor... so that it may work this time.

    As for your question itself I also don't see a reason for not being open about it ultimately. She told you about most for her sexual preferences and you told her about most for yours.
    It's understandable that you're kind of afraid to mention any ab/dl related thingy directly. If you don't know exactly how to approach it the way you can guess her reaction... and since you have a somewhat bonus for asking about the vanishing diapers in her bathroom, then perhaps just ask her about them. Most preferably not exactly in a kink related context. As mentioned maybe she may have a very good friend that's with her a lot and that one has a kid that needs them so they're in her place just for comfort reason. Or perhaps she may be babysitting sometimes and has them as a precaution or whatsoever.
    But maybe it's for herself, since she also mentioned diapers already, but it's no use if you're too afraid right now, which is okay.. So my advice would be to ask about it carefully. Eitherway it will not be much of a hassle I think.

    As always, communication is the key in any relationship.
    Best of luck anyway!

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