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Thread: Diaper Brand/Type?

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    Default Diaper Brand/Type?

    HEllo all,
    Being new(ish) to the diaper community I was wondering what the ADISC community's thoughts on specific diaper brands and models are.

    I'm looking for:
    • A preferably plastic-backed
    • On the cheaper side (college budget)
    • Discrete shipping
    • THICK
    • Can be easily doubled for thickness and extra protection (if cloth-backed)

    I was hoping someone may have some insight into my needs/desires in this department. I've heard ATNs are decent for the price? Anyone know much about these? I have heard that the image they use to portray them is a bit misleading on the thickness aspect of the diaper.

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    Diapers are generally a personal choice. For starters have you read the diaper reviews?

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    Of course I did. I was looking to hear from people who have tried them out as opposed to one person who wrote the review.

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    Ah, I see. Apologies. Well, I like Tena Slip Maxis as they are comfy and hold a lot. I get them from Bambino's but I heard the plastic backs are no longer available? I haven't ordered in awhile. Bambino's is very discreet in their delivery, btw.

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    I usually get Bambino Biancos. I prefer all white diapers. They're really comfortable, imo. Right now Im in a wet M4, my last diaper of the sample pack I Ordered. They seem to be on the same level with each other, bambinos a bit cheaper, so.

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    So which ones have side padding, or padded wings, as it may say?
    I find that unprotected sides lead to a lot of leakage for me.

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