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Thread: How do i delete my account.

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    Default How do i delete my account.

    I have given this some thought and figure that this site really isn't for me. Ty guys for taking the time to read my posts. It has been fun and have read a lot of interesting stuff on here. Thank you all for all the stories and posts you have made on here. it really has been an interesting journey.

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    I would say just PM Moo and ask.

    But there again if you just leave it will always be here if you decide to come back, but that is up to you.

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    If you don't decide to close your account, or before you do...
    Do you think you'll ever come back? It kind of sucks looking at the profile of someone who hasn't been online for a long time.
    But Egor's idea is good, that way you won't have to sign up all over again if you do decide to come back.

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    I did send in a request for my thing to be cancled, but then I decided to send another request for it not to be. I hope my rational decision don't get my account deleted. If I'm still here awesome if not, i'll miss you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoisonSnivy View Post
    that way you won't have to sign up all over again if you do decide to come back.
    Even then, you can only have one account. So deleting and then wanting to come back isn't an option.

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