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Thread: Aww so Cute shipping issues?

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    Default Aww so Cute shipping issues?

    So it's been about a month and a half now since I ordered a pack of the pink diapers from Aww so cute, coming onto two months in about a week. I remember the original order said that the shipping was to be pre ordered until July Fourth, to which I waited, and got no results.

    Later on about the 15th of July, I sent a message to them asking if everything was alright with my order, to which I got a response stating how they were having difficulties with the warehouse, and everything should be sorted out by the end of the month, and with it they also offered some free complimentary diapers, which was pretty cool.

    But now it's currently the 7th of August, and I have yet to hear anthing about the shipment being delivered, which is starting to worry me a little... Is anybody else having a similar problem, or am I just being a little impatient?

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    No you're not being impatient. I've heard nothing good about their customer service. They're in it solely for the money, rather then a happy customer base. My suggestion is to stay as far away from them as you can.

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    I ordered a pack of the pink teddies in size medium around the 9th of July and the pack mule delivered them the following Monday.
    They came USPS. According to the web page their having trouble with the size large and x large.

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    They are absolutely terrible with customer service. I ordered from them once I would never order from them again.

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    Aww So Cute takes the gold for WORST customer service of any ABDL merchant in my book. Hands down. You should have seen when they first came out with the pink diapers. First, they started selling "pre-orders" in April, promising the arrival would be May 15th. I was gullible enough to buy them then, being one of the first to do so. May 15th came and I expected some kind of email - nothing. Finally, on May 18 or so, they suddenly change the promised arrival date to May 25, with zero explanation on their site and no email notification to me.

    Then, May 25th whooshes by and nothing. I emailed them 3 times asking for an explanation and nothing. It wasn't until 3 weeks into June that they FINALLY sent an auto-generated tracking email. No human acknowledgement, let alone an apology, for the extreme delay. When I finally got my package, I was appalled to find that is was shipped using USPS Parcel Select, the slowest and most unreliable shipping service available on the market in the US. Thank god I didn't live in Hawaii, Rhode Island, or Alaska because Parcel would have taken 30-40 days longer. It was so bad that by the time I finally got the diapers I'd completely forgotten about them and wasn't even very excited when they finally turned up. I will definitely not shop there again.

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