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    Default Curious -- Common Interests

    Has anyone ever come out to a significant other and had them also be an ABDL/vice versa?

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    I've had one that tried it after we broke up. I'm not a fan of that guy.

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    I think that might have happened before and I suspect there are members here who have done something like that but that is so rare that I believe I have more then enough fingers on one hand to count the number of people on this site that has actually happened to. But in point of fact I think it's true. Be advised that I only vaguely remember hearing about this once so you will have to look further to get any more information about that if you want to know more. Sorry I just gave you literally all the information that I happen to know about this subject.

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    Well thanks anyways. I told my girlfriend about two months ago and she thought it was weird and said she "didn't want to take part in my fantasy." I failed to tell her that I still sometimes wear diapers when I'm stressed/bored (). All I told her was that I have strong urges to wear, where the urges come from and that this is has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. She still loves me and we're actually celebrating our 6 month anniversary tonight, so that's fun.

    Hopefully she'll be more comfortable as time moves forward, if not idk.

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    I'm gonna say that you may need to tell your gf that you wear when you're stressed/bored. Even if she doesn't want to take part, just telling her about the urges and not that you wear may be seen as lying to her on down the road if you're found out. The fact that she is still WITH you, even though she's said she doesn't want to take part, says a lot about how much she loves you, "weirdness" and all. Tell her gently, talk about it, explain that it's a comfort thing for you, and you might be surprised.

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    I'm surprised you told her only 6 months into the relationship. You must be very trusting of her indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internet View Post
    Has anyone ever come out to a significant other and had them also be an ABDL/vice versa?
    <-- This guy!

    About four months into our relationship, my girlfriend and I were chatting over video chat (we were across the country from each other). I don't remember what made me bring it up, but I basically told her, "There's a side of me you don't know about. I'm a little bit kinky." Although she was nervous and uncomfortable at first, she admitted she too had un-vanilla interests. We proceeded to play a "20 Questions"-style guessing game to see if we could guess each other's fetishes. Our questions and responses gradually got more specific: I remember voicing my frustration that people confused mine for pedophilia, and she said she felt embarrassment that hers wasn't age-appropriate. Ultimately, she said, "OK, I'm pretty positive we're talking about the same thing."

    Sure enough, we were. Since then, we've gotten to have quite a bit of fun with diapers...

    Later this month, we will have been together for two years.

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    Default Curious -- Common Interests

    Congratulations! You seem to have gotten really lucky in that department. I don't even think I'd be comfortable with my girlfriend seeing me in a diaper, let alone taking part. I just wish she was a bit more accepting. She was/is the first person I've ever told about this side of me and she flat-out told me she didn't think she could take part in my fantasies.

    Since we shared our fantasies with one another, we acted out hers which was quite normal. A little bit of foreplay carrying up to my candle-lit bedroom. You know the rest. Would've been nice to have my turn!

    Maybe in the future.
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    I'm convinced DL/AB tendencies is on a spectrum scale fro 0 to 10. 0 being no interest/never thought of it, to 10 being need it all the time for emotional reasons, not for IC. We all fall along the scale somewhere. Whether we ever act on it or would consider acting on it depends on where we fall on the scale. Some are not even aware of it until it's placed right in front of them with an SO opening up. While I can see love leading a person to agree to change their SO, actually putting one on is not, to my way of thinking, an act of love, but having the openness to acknowledge the urge in themselves.

    I would be interested in hearing from those on this site who started only because their SO came out to them. Do you recognize being on such a scale somewhere? Is your becoming a participating DL something that would continue if (God forbid) something happened to your SO and he/she wasn't part of your life anymore?

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