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Thread: Cloth Diapers?

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    Default Cloth Diapers?

    My stash is down to its last 5 diapers. I'm considering buying some cloth diapers to help cut back on the disposables i go through, and so i don't have to worry about being completely diaperless the next time i run out.

    I don't know much about cloth diapers, but going by what i read on Baby-Pants, I'm assuming the Birdseye Cotton Contours are the best choice?

    Does anyone have any advice on buying these?
    I've heard others complain about the quality of the plastic pants that Baby-Pants sells, so i don't know if i should buy elsewhere or not.

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    The Baby Pants diapers are good stuff. I slightly prefer Changing Times, but I don't think you can go wrong either way. The Changing Times contour diapers come with a nice booster pad, though. Fabric-wise, I strongly prefer the twill weave to Birdseye, which has a rather un-soft texture. I'm finicky about texture in ways others aren't, however. If you end up getting serious about cloth diapers, you'll probably want to try a few makes and styles to see what works and feels best to you.

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    I also have prefold and contour diapers from Changing Times Diaper Co. I love the twill weave and they're nice and soft.
    I also use AIO's from Dependeco. In my opinion they're the best AIO's out there. For Plastic pants I have some from CTDC
    that are made by Gary and Driwear from Fetware. I'm with Cottontail that you might want to try diapers from various sources.

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    Hmm, i usually wear medium diapers. Since cloth tend to shrink, should i get a large?

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    I purchased my first cloth diapers here.
    That was probably about 15 years ago. They are starting to show their age but still very usable. Just checking their web site they have quite the selection now.

    If you want an all in one diaper, Dependico makes top quality diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    Hmm, i usually wear medium diapers. Since cloth tend to shrink, should i get a large?
    You need to pay close attention to the sizing charts. Robert at Changing Times will give you two sizes. The size before laundering
    and the finish after shrinkage. Mine shrank around 3" in length and around 1" in width. I have to hand wash mine and dry mine
    outside in the sunshine. You need to wash them 3 or 4 times before you use them. This will remove the natural oils in the material
    and improve the absorbency. For the twill weave they will quilt up and get softer. Also don't use any fabric softener or drier sheets
    with them. This will block absorbency.

    Here's something else checkout. The group Society for Cloth Appreciation. You will find a lot of useful info there.

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    does it matter what kind of plastic pants i get?
    the kind with snaps seems like they might tear up too easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyTyrant View Post
    does it matter what kind of plastic pants i get?
    the kind with snaps seems like they might tear up too easily.
    Go at lest a size larger due to the bulk

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    I like cotton gauze diapers the best. You can make your own and layer them for whatever thickness and absorbency you want. sells gauze, birdseye, flannel and cotton twill by the yard plus pins and Snappies. Use 96-inches and fold them end to end and sew or serge the ends. Expect them to shrink 15%. They get very soft after a few washings. Don't use bleach or softener.
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    I went to a fabric store and purchased some diaper flannel. If you'd like to know how I made them with no sewing involved, PM me. These work great, as I know how to fold them after washing (takes less than 2 minutes) and I'm ready to go. I got my plastic pants from Adult Cloth Diaper company, Leakmasters PUL. They're the best plastic pant I've ever had, soft, noiseless, and durable. Be sure to get one with a high back to cover all of the diaper so you don't have leaks from wicking out the top.

    Early on I tried the snap kind, but when the snap broke they were useless. They also can leak more easily.

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