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Thread: Most preferred diaper? Been out of the game for a while.

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    Default Most preferred diaper? Been out of the game for a while.

    It's been a long time since I've felt a strong desire to have some warm fluff between my legs. Probably about two or three years, and logistically speaking it's wildly impractical to be indulging in this sort of thing during college, but these days I have my own room and bathroom at an apartment with some roommates and I figured why not? I think I'm gonna buy one of those sample packs but I'm not sure on the brand.

    My favorite used to be Bambinos, they used to fit real nice. I haven't tried the fabines, Dry 24/7s, Aww So Cute or SDKs. I'm looking for some input on which of these seem to be preferred most? Or does it really matter these days since there's so many ABDL friendly diapers out there? I remember when I was a young teenager I was basically picking between Bambinos and Depends, haha. Man have things changed a bit!

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    The Abena M4 is a fantastic diaper that's hard to beat. it's one of the best but also one of the more expensive diapers. If you go back into the game there are Bellissimo's or Abena M4's you can try which are on this website.

    Or if you want a perfect Dry 24/7 with 24/7 comfiness one that is super awesome then your order bet is riiight here.

    If you want to start off small in the game then Depends protection with tabs, CVS fitted briefs (, and Tena super are great "starter" diapers, with great value considering their price and availability.

    There are so many diapers you have missed out and reviews can be found here.

    You have to get back and try all this stuff you missed. Let me know your experience.

    Oh and if you have trouble then I made a websites list awhile back, might help ya out ^^
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    I'm not a sissy, but I do like the sissy diapers the best. They're like the cushies but a bit cheaper.

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    Much appreciated! I ended up just going ahead and ordering the bellisimos with some of those new booster pads just now actually. It's been a while since I've gotten the rush of waiting for them to arrive in the mail, but the feeling is all too familiar! I'll probably give the Dry24/7s a run next time.

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    My favourite diapers are either the new Wellness Superio Super (they're the most absorbent i've tried) or AwwSoCutes (though they do take approximately eleven million years to ship and arrive at your door.

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    The Kolibri Comslip is probably my favourite diaper by a country mile! I automatically feel little with one of those on!

    The plastic-backed Abenas are great too (if they're still available where you live).

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