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Thread: weird diaper string heck

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    Default weird diaper string heck

    Yup, you read that correctly.

    Despite the (honestly, pretty well-deserved) hate that ABU gets, I love cloth-backed cushies. They're the closest thing i've found to what I remember loving so much as a toddler.

    That being said, I've recently run into a strange issue. I usually wear a diaper to sleep every night for something like 4-8 nights before wetting it and sending it to the bottom of the trash can. But lately, I can only wear a cloth-backed cushie one or two nights before I start waking up with invisible fiber strands stuck to me. It seems the cotton unravels and sticks to me. Believe it or not, this is actually really itchy and sometimes painful (having countless invisible strands tangled around your genitalia is not cool).

    I've worn like 20 other cushies, and this didn't happen before. My hypotheses are that either the last few diapers in this pack have some kind of error (like the liner has some problems), or the hot weather is making me sweat and invite weird diaper string heck into my life.

    The second hypothesis seems more likely, except for the fact that I consistently (and somewhat selfishly) keep the apartment in arctic blast mode. I always sleep with the ac on full blast, keeping the apartment about as cold as it always is...

    In the meantime, I'm wearing an abena delta form under cushies. This is actually so nice that I just ordered another pack of them (they were the first diaper i'd worn since growing up).

    Has anyone else run into this issue or have any ideas? Also, is it possible to use slightly too-small diapers as stuffers to circumvent this problem? I have small tranquilities in a suitcase, waiting to be worn.

    edit: just read the hate masterpost on this particular company. Maybe this won't be a problem for me for much longer...

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    That's why ABU can never be trusted. If you haven't yet check this link out about ABU

    Your best bet is having bellissimo's or abena as your best friend diapers because ABU have shitty products like this. IF you need help looking for a perfect diaper then this link will serve you well because I listed so many so you might have fun shopping here.

    If I were you I wouldn't order from ABU after your experience just now because they love to steal money, advertise little kids, and hold purchases you made to whatever consent they feel like. Your not the only one people have ran into so many problems with ABU before and have re-directed to other websites so they don't end up like some people that have been stuck with crappy ABU porn diapers or whatever you call those paper things.
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    oh wow that's uncanny timing. I just read it, and subsequently got sick to my stomach

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    I'm sorry I helped people stay away from ABU in the past and they stayed away for the same reason ^^ or other reasons...

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    Ignorance is bliss for the consumer, but it won't help those exploited. So I'm thankful for that thread.

    In the meantime, weird diaper string heck will be converted to rad double diaper heaven

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    Your wish is my command! ^^ I'm a helpful pokemon who see's the bad and eliminates with my vine whip and solar beam!! *rawr*

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