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Thread: What size Depends Fitted Briefs?

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    Default What size Depends Fitted Briefs?

    I've never purchased diapers with tapes before and can only buy in-store at the moment, so I'm planning on purchasing Depends Fitted Briefs. However, My waist size is EXACTLY between the two sizes offered, (S/M 19-34 and L/Xl 35-49) so my waist is about 34 and 1/2 inches. Can anyone tell me what size I should buy? It would be very much appreciated.

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    S/M im the same size and the meds fit me really well.

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    the small/medium fit me perfect and I am 36 inch waist

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    Definitely go with the smaller one. You'd swim (and leak) in one that would also fit someone with a 49" waist.

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