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Thread: What did people do before adult diapers

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    Default What did people do before adult diapers

    Adult disposable diapers, I mean. I suppose, like in the case of baby diapers, there was the cloth alternative, but that is not something that can be easily concealable under clothes, especially ones that needed folding on. It must have been tough for people who really needed them at that time as I don't see how they could have hidden it at all, unless there is something else I am unaware of.

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    I heard they smelled from the pee and they had big bottoms and wore loose pants to hide it. I am sure people knew then they were incontinent. Perhaps IC people before adult disposables can weigh in here who were also IC back then.

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    I can remember back in the !950's in the Sears catalog in the medical section they had strap on urinals. They were basically a belt with a pouch
    where the penis would fit for men. A tube would come out of the bottom and be attached to a bag fastened to the wearer's leg. They could also
    be attached to a jug if the person was bed ridden or in a wheelchair. There was also a female model. To me they would have been real cumbersome
    to use. Otherwise there would always be cloth diapers and rubber pants even back in those days. I'm glad nowadays we have disposable diapers and
    modern catheters for those who need them.

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    If you ever saw the movie, "The Madness of King George" about George III, he was running around in just a cloth diaper. He peed blue because he had a copper blood disease, and the front of his cloth diaper turned blue.

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    cloth diapers and plastic/rubber pants
    they would have been harder to conceal

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    One would assume cloth with some sort of latex or rubber covering. From the responses above, that seems to be the case.

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    I have a 1967 Sears catalog. In the "sickroom supplies" section they have adult cloth diapers and "Incontinence pants", which are rubber pants with some kind of interchangeable inner lining. Pretty interesting.

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    Urine collection devices are an old hat...

    Cotton / Cloth diapers are old as hell too...
    waterproof covers though? not sure.
    I guess someone would maybe have thought of waxed fabrics, tightly knit wool (it takes a lot to seep through), leather (skin), etc... I guess some sort of cover is quite an old idea too.
    Certainly a long stretch from the modern days... but I guess mankind was always inventive.

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