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Thread: Diapers in the Cold

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    Default Diapers in the Cold

    Hi all,

    I recently went on a trip to China and thought it would be fine to be diapered for most of the trip. However, i was in the far northern reaches of China and it was frigidly cold and I would wear my diaper for stretched of about 3-4 hours. After I wet the diaper once, my diaper would get very, very cold, despite being under a pair of long underwear and jeans. How do people deal with very cold weather and diapers? I found it to be quite uncomfortable! Cheers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I know what you mean. When I attend the high rites for Yule and Imbolc, I end up standing outside for 2-3 hours for the service. A wet diaper does get kinda cold pretty fast.

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    So if it was 20 below, would the pee in the diaper freeze? what about feces?

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    Drink lots of diuretics and it's not a problem!

    Quote Originally Posted by Huggies1998
    So if it was 20 below, would the pee in the diaper freeze? what about feces?
    Probably wouldn't freeze entirely because there's ammonia etc in it but the water would become frosty. And please, don't do #2 in public, especially when it's 20 below. -_-

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    Luckily I'm in a climate that is considerably warmer all year round than other places. But the inherent problem with that is they get sweaty and very itchy and uncomfortable to wear.

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    Well PSH. Go sit in the refrigerator awhile and everything will be fine.

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    Ok what you need to do is Wear like 2 diapers and a few pairs of pants in the really cold areas.

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    Currently, it's been around 0 out, and you HAVE to dress for it. At work, they think I'm nuts because I come dressed for the cold and want to be outside.

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    Default Diapers in the Cold

    In those colder climates they have engine block heaters for vehicles, etc and have found other innovative ways to cope with the freezing - sub zero weather. I guess one of us more inventive types need to come up with a heated diaper cover, something along the line of battery (9V) operated heated wool socks.

    I can see the TV advertisement now, ...View of a huge crabbing vessel in rough seas in the frigid waters off Northern Alaska. Camera zooms in on a deck hand. The crab fisherman looks at camera and says "They have said this is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, but let me tell you, with a wet, freezing adult diaper, it is truly hell. Talk about freezing you ass off! That is why I wouldn't go out without my Warm Buns. "Scientist here at ADISC Industries have worked tirelessly to address the troublesome issue of freezing diapers, and have finally come up with the Ultimate Solution: Warm Buns. So, whether you are a traveler in the northern most reaches of China (Helicopter shot of Australian tour group,) Camera zooms in on Kwill1984, or a lonely American serviceman on covert operations in the snowy mountains of Afghanistan, "Sarge, I'm going in, cover me!" Warm Buns has you covered. So, whenever you're in a situation where your ass is on the line, let Warm Buns cover YOU. An exclusive product of ADISC Industries. In a situation that's too hot to handle? It's time to COOL YOUR JETS. Coming soon from ADISC Industries look for the newest climate controlled diaper cover, COOL YOUR JETS. ....Now back to Your History Channel Program "The Incontinent on the Lost Continent."

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