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Thread: Abena M4 Stories

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    Default Abena M4 Stories

    My Abena M4 samples should be coming any day now and I was curious to see what others had thought about them? I've heard good things, but I'd like to know specifics. What's the most memorable thing you've done in Abenas?

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    Before you read this

    (Bowel Movements Involved in this story)

    The first time I ordered Abena M4's was in late 2012.. I put one on and it was the thickest diaper I had tried to date.. (I was used to tena cloth and ATN's at that point). I just sat there and looked at it. I felt it, looked at myself in the mirror. Loved it.

    I had some prune juice in the fridge so I drank 2 glasses. No more than 2 hours later I went for a hike and suddenly it hit... I just stood there and exploded into the Abena.. It held everything... Walked home.. more explosions.. when I got home.. looked in the mirror and my backside was just brown.. lol. All the way up to the waistline.

    Another time, I was at the bar... 6-7 beers later my Abena was soaked... They can usually last a while just don't push it.. when you start feeling urine go close and around the tapes its time to change (And hope you have plastic pants on) because that is where they start to leak from the most if you overuse them.


    They are amazing diapers!

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    Love my M4's so I will give you my full insight story.

    They are #1 discreet but they do crinkle a little bit if you have family involved.
    They are perfect for absorbency and terrific leak guards meaning blocks leakage when trying to absorb.
    If you like indicators these diapers have two wetness indicators.
    It is re-fastenable if you don't feel like using it yet.
    There are stripes as designs instead of a blank white diaper.
    Even wetted cotton falls under but can still absorb so you can easily walk without suspecting a thing.
    4 Tapes, Comfy inside and outside without a care in the world.
    I flooded them so many times like 7 wettings up to a minute maybe squishy <3 but they never leaked at all :3

    Here's the size of the diaper (Medium size)(Backing Dimensions)
    Front 26.5
    Rear 25.5
    Middle 11.5
    Length 32

    Here's the padding side of the Diaper size
    Front 12.5
    Rear 14
    Middle 7
    Length 27
    Dry thickness 0.5
    Wet thickness 1.4

    First absorbency when flooding can take up to 65 oz's.
    2nd Wetting is more than any diaper you tried, that's up to 10 extra oz's.

    Here's the website for the entire Review of the Abena M4 (And other diaper reviews)

    If you plan on buying a pack then Medium pack of 14's cost $26.99 Perfect on the price rate.
    If you plan on buying a pack then Large pack of 12's cost $25.99 Larger and can absorb more but 2 less units. Still worth the price.

    Perfect websites for fast and easy purchases are riiiiiiight here ^^

    Amazon Abena M4
    XP Medical Abena M4

    p.s. this is if you love your samples and you want to buy more.

    ~Hope I helped, Snivy
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    For a long time these were my favorite diaper. I loved the thickness and absorbency. The quality and features have gone down hill over the years but I still enjoy wearing them. I used to keep both smalls and mediums on hand. The smalls were a little tight on me but sometimes I like that. Unfortunately they no longer make the smalls in plastic backed and I really don't care for the "cloth like" version so I no longer order the smalls. I really don't have any exciting stories to share other than I have worn them to the movies, that was nice not to have to get up in the middle of the movie to use the restroom after ordering one of those bladder busting soft drinks. The only other incidents I have had is wearing when unexpectedly a friend shows up at my house. It is hot in the summer where I live so I tend to wear thin running shorts around the house, which defiantly don't hide an M4. I have to quickly shuck them before answering the door.

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    They've survived full days of snowboarding with me. I really like the new style since those days because they aren't as hard and don't press out as much. They could use help in the odor control department but everything else about them is great.

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    My last bags of L4s were just fine comfort-wise, but I have to wonder if I had a bad batch - I had recurring leak problems after a few wettings. It was like the cover was slightly perforated. Not sure what the deal was but I'll probably try them again down the road.

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    Woke up SOAKED this morning. Didn't want to take off my M4, but I had to go to work. I'm a belly sleeper so there was a large wet spot on my mattress. I dried it up as best as I could. Any suggestions on mattress cleanup/prevention?

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    Use a mattress protector next time you know you wet in your sleep or sleep in a wet nappy.
    Also, you should wash the mattress IMMEDIATELY after it gets wet with urine. Pee has ammonia in it which 1# stinks 2# stains so better get it out. If you have to run, soak it up a bit or leave a wet rag with mild soap on it to soak it up.

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    Finally started wearing M4s again, early 2012 was last time I bought them.
    Last wore drank 2liters of water 2 cans of Pepsi when it came time to change not because of leaks it was getting heavy it weighed in at 7lbs, no leaks

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    I started out with the M3's which were more of a "going out" diaper. I prefer a thicker diaper so I soon upgraded to the M4's. They are a great diaper, they can take a lot of abuse. The leak guards are a great feature! they are extremely absorbent and will get very heavy before they finally leak. I prefer to wear a diaper until it's filled, so this is a good choice for me. If you change every time you use, then you could get away with a cheaper diaper.

    The cons, for me they are a little bit on the large side, this makes positioning somewhat difficult, however they seem to adjust and wear in as the day goes on. Also I think they could use a third tape due to their size.

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