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Thread: Bambino Teddy 2014, an in depth illustrated review.

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    So far I think you've done an amazing review and can't wait for the finished review! Not to nit pick but I think Ifound an error in the "Front Tape Panel" section: The Front panels are the easiest way to tell the 3 diapers apart. The ((January 2013)) diapers have the bears spaced further apart, the plastic is bunched up under the tape, and the colors are faded. I think it should be January 2014?? All in all a very nicely detailed comparison.
    Thank you

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    Thanks for the great article on the evolution of the Bambinos. Hopefully the can find a manufacturer that can, make a consist product. I kind of feel sorry for them having to deal with the Chinese manufacturers that just don't care.

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    Something tells me snivy didn't read it.

    That's true barkd74, 2-3 years ago the bambinos were made this well. They slip over time.

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    That's the first time I've seen them in such good detail! You might've convinced me to give this new batch a try...

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    This was a very well laid-out comparison. I've personally noticed the difference between the teddies now and the ones from back in January, and you show it very clearly, especially with the leg gather images and explanation. I look forward to when you finish the entire thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    Something tells me snivy didn't read it.

    That's true barkd74, 2-3 years ago the bambinos were made this well. They slip over time.
    I read it dude Never doubt a plant snake :/ lol

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    Wow, the difference in the leg gathers is way..WAY different.

    Real shame they've already sold out. I have a sneaking suspicious the awful leg elastics was one reason the upside down batch got such a bad stick.

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    Great review! Loved the comparison photos as well as your comments. It's interesting to see how much variation there can be even within one line of diapers. As others have said, the leg gathers seem vastly improved, but I'm particularly curious about how the length of the back and the new positioning of the tapes will affect the fit.

    I've always been a huge fan of Teddies, so I'm excited to try them (whenever I can get some...). Thanks for the in-depth work! I look forward to the rest of it.

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