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Thread: Am I doing something wrong? (Diaper taping)

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    Question Am I doing something wrong? (Diaper taping)

    Sort of a technical question. I've noticed recently that when wearing diapers for a couple hours, the diaper tends to bunch up around my legs to the point where sometimes the lower tapes start to dig into my upper thighs. And visually, it just doesn't look right (if that makes sense).

    I've tried taping them slightly differently, but I don't wear often enough to be able to really experiment. I've had this problem with both Abena M4s and Bellissimos.

    Not sure if it's my taping method or the way I'm putting the diaper on or the size of it (though I'm pretty sure I have the right size). Any suggestions?

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    I think I know what you mean! I had this problem when I stuck the lower tapes on an M4 too close to the edge - by the elastic leg gathers. They actually fit better (and leak less, and the tapes don't dig in, etc.) if you position the lower tapes a bit higher than you have them, so that they are more centrally on the padding (i.e. further from the edge)...

    I found, when I taped the M4s as you seem to have them, they felt like they needed a lot of adjustment to keep the elasticated leg cuffs in place...

    I don't know if that makes any sense! It's hard to describe without a diagram!

    P.S. Who's that in the portrait in your avatar? Just curious!

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    Quite a few:

    The simplest thing to start with is tape it further away from the edge. I've found that it's nowhere near as likely to slip down if I get the tape mostly over the padding.

    If the diaper is about the right size on you (e.g. you're not a small trying to fit into a medium like I am), then you want the bottom tapes to angle upwards and the top tapes to be straight across or even angled downwards. It seems kind of counter intuative, but as long as you pull the leg openings up snug before taping the bottom tapes, the elastic in the leg gathers will keep it from leaking out the sides. It also helps to tape it standing so you can see how the tapes will fall in that position, and do the less critical top tapes first so that you don't need to hold the diaper up and align the bottom tapes at the same time.

    The error that a lot of people make is to run the tapes downwards along the contour of their leg. While that makes it feel more snug, it can actually contribute to leaks because it pulls the padding up into the leak guards and doesn't allow the elastic to do its thing.

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    Difficult to trouble shoot over the web... but I'll try:

    What's your waist size?
    Diaper brand & size?

    This is basically important especially considering that different brands have very different cuts. (sometimes even within one brand and different product lines).

    For example in 90% of the cases I wear a Medium easily.
    My usual night diaper is an Attends Slip Regular M10... now if I'd get the Slip PLUS M10 - those are too small (or really weird fitting)... And if I'd get the L ... too large and weird fitting (short: the Slip Plus (previously Special Care) don't fit me at all, whereas the Slip Regular M is about as perfect a fit as it gets...) so if you have troubles - maybe try a size larger or even a different brand.

    then there's taping - from what you describe it sound like you put the lower tapes on too low.
    basically try placing the tape slightly diagonal (the lower ones pointing up, the top ones pointing down towards the center of the front-section).

    Also start with the lower tapes... if you're right handed - start with the left lower tape.

    Then there's "placement"... try to align the back and front of the diaper so that the back rides SLIGHTLY higher up than the front (or if that doesn't work - same height.)

    That aside - try different positions.
    Personally I prefer standing up over lying down...
    I do it "free standing" - some prefer to lean against a wall... some put them on sitting on a chair (which I find the least practical personally).

    And last but not least:
    Snug is good - but tight is bad....
    tape them on too tight and it is bound to become uncomfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    What's your waist size?
    Diaper brand & size?
    Waist is 32". I currently have Bambino Bellissimo Mediums and Abena M4s.

    And thanks to all of you! I do think I tend to tape fairly close to the edge/leg gathers...I guess it seemed logical to me when I did it. But I will try angling upward and aiming more central to the padding and maybe play around with "placement" a bit. Like I said, I don't get to wear too often, and when I do it might be one diaper for a few hours and that's it. But you've all given me some things to try next time!

    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    P.S. Who's that in the portrait in your avatar? Just curious!
    He's Johann Sebastian Bach! As a musician by trade, I admire him greatly, and I love studying and playing his music. (The fact that he was also Lutheran is a plus too!)

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    Don't tape so close to your legs, tape up towards the middle.. Tape the top just below the waistline.. It should work better. I know how you feel though. I've had that happen with Abena, Molicare and Dry 24/7.. Just gotta tape up and evenly

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    Sorry, I know it's been a while...I finally got a chance to wear today and try this, and it worked! Taping the bottom tapes angled up more definitely solved the problem.

    Also, I noticed that my hips/legs are a good bit wider than my waist (never really realized this before) so the bottom tapes barely reach the edge of the padding in the front, while the top tapes are only 4-5 inches apart from each other. Anyone else shaped like that? Is that weird?

    But it definitely feels much better and no more tapes digging into my legs! Thanks

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    That's a fairly standard body shape, not weird at all. I've got a 32" waist as well and I have the exact same tape spacing on bambinos. I also used to have similar problems until I started pulling the bottom tapes up at an angle. Just be happy that you don't have hairy legs. My first few diapers were like ripping off a band-aid.

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    Try applying the tapes so they sort of look like this >< the tapes don't have to touch. You don't need to apply the bottom tapes too tightly. The tighter they are, more likely they are to stretch out the plastic and effect the leg bands.

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    Maybe that's why I like single tab diapers best! :-) I recently ran out of my favorite diapers so I picked up a quick pack of cheapies from shop rite. Gosh, they're awful! I did the tapes the best I could and fell asleep on the couch. When my bf woke me up around 2am and I got up to go to into our room, my diaper was already so saggy (still dry too) because of the way I taped it. Them when I woke up again around 10, I was pretty wet and leaky. Taping them up right is key to a dry bed.

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