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    It appears that, bar sample packs, bambino is out of stock on their medium Teddy's and classicos already! How long does it usually take for them to restock? Next time, I'll order a case early! :p

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    bambino diapers are always out of stock it seems because people love their diapers. It has also been discussed in this thread about them coming out of stock.

    It's all different times but the most recent time from April(Out of stock on bellissimo:Example) to July. All you do is play the waiting game and it's pointless to message the company because alot of people say they may or may not answer back to re-stock questions yet my personal opinion they should have alot more than planned. It always seems it's like 100 Diapers per and a popular diaper should have more numbers because their high hopes is the bellissimo's since everyone loves those instead of leaving others in a "Non-important" list. It's a waiting game so I'd say a few months but again it's all different stocking times. ^^

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