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Thread: Can you subconsciously wet the bed?

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    Default Can you subconsciously wet the bed?

    Sometimes I will go to bed in a wet diaper that is slightly wet or just a little but then I wake up and it seems wetter. I have no memory of waking up to pee it. So I wonder if it's possible I peed it in my sleep and then I woke up needing to pee again. But I have gone to bed dry and woken up dry.


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    I've had it happen the other way gone to bed in a dry diaper and woke up at 1am with a wet one

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    You probably had a bad dream or did something wet in your sleep. it's not like a wet diaper can lead to a connection. It's like this comic has a trace that leads to events.

    The body shuts down when you sleep meaning anything can really happen and nobody would know what some people have stopped breathing in the past and started back up so I would say the body was used to it, I wet mine while I was awake n bed and woke up but had to go it was just holding positing. (Glad my bed wasn't wet thank you Abena) If your body did those actions, then in your sleep it thought it was a regular normal routine (But I'd be careful if your NOT padded so you don't ruin your mattress) The human organism is a fantastic creation and anything can happen really.

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    I believe it is called bedwetting or nightwetting when you can't control your bladder while sleeping.

    Like Snivy said, your body shuts down when you fall asleep. It kinda locks itself so that the muscles are "asleep" and your mind stays "awake" processing the days events. Bodies have this lock-down system so you do not hurt yourself if you see a dream where you run or jump.. and thus run and jump against a wall. Cases of when this lock-down doesn't work is sleepwalking and sleep paralysis, every person usually has one sleep paralysis during their lifetime.

    Some people are more prone to sleepwalking, or sleep paralysis and some people are more prone to bedwetting. So yes, you can "subconciously wet the bed"
    Try sleeping in a dry nappy to know for sure if you're prone to it?

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    I have it happen to me 2 or 3 times during the night. Sometimes I wake up after I've finished peeing and other times I roll
    over and pee and back to sleep.

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    I sleep talk. I don't know how often but it's been pointed out to me. I know I have sleep walked too. I used to go to sleep with my cat in my room and wake up to find her gone. So thought she had a secret way of getting out of my room. My mom told me she thinks I sleep wake and let her out. My husband also told me I "beat him up" in my sleep so that is one of the reasons why we don't share a bed. It wouldn't surprise me if I do wet my diaper in my sleep too. My body knows I have one on so why not and use it? I once woke up kicking my cat in my sleep. I was having a terrible dream and I was kicking at something in my dream and then I woke up and it felt all real because I was still half asleep and I was still kicking at it and I realized I was in bed but I was kicking at something hard only to find out it was my cat. She was just lying there and purring and didn't react to my abuse.

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    Yes, it happens. Most people train there sub-conscience to prevent that when they are very young. A normal bladder learns quick after releasing during a little kid 's dream a time or two. Kid wakes up and everybody feels bad and parents aren't very happy. I mean, just waking up and not being able to get a good morning hug because of an unusual smell can make a huge impact on the mind and body of a young child.

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    I am starting to have some great dreams and actually wetting my bed in them but never have woken up wet without any memory of using my diaper. I am just enjoying not having to wake up to pee so much and appreciate my husband so much for putting up with me. He has been so layed back and accepting through all this.

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