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Thread: Stretchy wings: who wants them?

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    Default Stretchy wings: who wants them?

    (on holiday I may be but I've got an opportunity now so...) Yes we have specially made adult nappies now that look like baby nappies, some of them have two large tapes, good drawn on characters and a special perfume...but - well the ones I've tried have fixed wings and one of the big features of nappies found on the infant market is the stretchy-ness of the wings. Now I know you can't get plastic stretchy wings (they need to be cotton feel(tho I'd want them in conjunction with a PB nappy)) before it's a covered topic...I just want to know is it just me who wants an adult equivalent were stretchy nappy wings are concerned? bringmesunshine p.s I am on holiday so despite starting this thread I may not be able to contribute much.

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    There is the "tena stretch" that has stretchy sides but is a mediocre diaper on its own.
    Attends has their own version on the european market these days that is quite a bit better in my opinion.

    The main issue with all the stretchy side panels is the adult body...
    The stretchy material would need to be far stronger to work well or it starts to wear out too quickly.

    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a really well made implementation of an all-cloth backed. stretchy side panels, velcro closure adult diaper (but please no prints ).

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    I've found the Tena Stretch Super (US version) to be quite good. I prefer to wear it for exercise as I can get a tighter, less droopy fit compared to a pull-up. There is also a Tena Stretch Ultra that is less absorbent than the Super. I haven't had an issue with the sides over stretching and drooping, but I am also at the bottom end of the M/R size (the tapes almost touch in front). At the upper end of the size range, I imagine it would start looking like a 'belted undergarment. It's also not really cute (medical green), but they get points for being comfy and (for me) effective.

    The Prevail Stretch Fit also has stretchy sides, but it wasn't a good fit for me. Even the smallest available size was huge (overlapping tapes) on me. The print was amusing though--purple argyle. They either went for hipster or grandpa with that design

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    I'd love a baby-printed adult diaper with stretchy wings and a single large tape on each side. I don't really care about plastic-backed, though. I'd be happy with an all-cloth-backed option.

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    I don't like the idea of stretchy wings personally... I'd prefer an elasticated waistband (at the back, not the front like some crazy diapers!) and leg cuffs, but just plain white and plastic-backed all the way round!

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    I would love a diaper with stretchy wings. I have really thick legs from when I used to swim a lot and a fairly small waist for my height. As a result: I can wear medium diapers, but they constrict my legs and begin to hurt. I've tried using large diapers, but they are too big in the waist and keep sliding down... I'm trying to find a happy medium, but it's hard to accomplish.

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