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Thread: Techno Song Sugestions?

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    Question Techno Song Sugestions?

    I recently started listening to this song YouTube - Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Original Video) and I really liked that kinda ravish techno feel it had. I REALY liked the instrumental version of it. So does anyone have any techno rave song suggestions for a techno newbie?

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    OMG I saw the topic title, and that was the FIRST song that came to my mind. I actually really enjoy that song. He was at the boom boom room here a while ago, I wanted to go so bad... but it's a club, so I'm still a year off.

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    Above & Beyond have some good dance music...There's also Eric Prydz, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto...Peaches has some good electronic music, although it's probably some of the most vulgar lyrics you'll hear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
    Anything by Daft Punk.
    Agreed. Daft Punk is the only music of this sort I'd ever listen to out of choice, unless I'm really really hyper. And I have to be pretty damn hyper to want to listen to daft punk anyway.

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    The other Satisfaction music video is better.

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    Mainstream techno/electronic (Nerds. I know you'll get mad at me if I lump them together.) that you're probably looking for:

    Sandstorm by Darude
    Becoming Insane by Infected Mushroom (not so mainstream maybe)
    Spitfire by The Prodigy
    DVNO by Justice

    Try those bands. In particular I like Infected Mushroom.

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