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Thread: Need help/tips

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    Default Need help/tips

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not really comfortable posting this and even being on this site (imagine if anyone found out...) and for that reason I'm not ready to be an active member of this community. But I hope you guys could help me with this situation.

    So I'm somewhat attracted to the idea of wearing diapers (nothing more than that though, I'm not into the real AB stuff), but since I live with my parents and them being pretty close to everything I do, getting and wearing them at home is out of the question. I tried some 'simulations' when home alone (with a towel, some paper towels on top and underpants over that), but I'd like to try the real thing.

    In about 2 weeks I'm travelling to Cologne, Germany (on my own) to attend Gamescom (big game expo at the Kölnmesse). After my visit to the expo, I will spend the night at a hotel and it would be great if I could try the real thing there. But, the problem is that I don't see a way to get diapers there. Ordering them will be hard because my parents are pretty close to my finances (payments) and also hiding them till my departure and taking them with me without them noticing seems nearly impossible...

    I wonder if any of you sees a solution ?

    Or are there maybe people here who live in Cologne not too far from the Kolnmesse that I could maybe buy some diapers from in person and pay cash at the door ? (they have to be big enough, because I'm quite tall and, while not super fat, not exactly thin either).

    Every tip is welcome!

    I can imagine that this post seems strange from a guy who registered minutes ago. And if anyone has a problem with me using this site only to ask something like this without being part of the community, I totally understand. But I don't feel ready for that. Though, I hope someone is able and willing to help me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Perhaps when you arrive in Germany you could find a medical supply store/supermarket to get some decent ones? That way you'd have a whole package of diapers to wear at your discretion and no worries about anyone finding out. Also, it's not like you'd ever see the store clerks again so there's no reason to be embarrassed, either.

    Hope this helps.

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    Welcome to the group JustAguy! We're a support group and although we hope you become an active member, we're here to help in any way we can. Like Woah said, just go buy some diapers at the local pharmacy and not worry about it. If you're worried about your parents finding out when you return, leave them behind.

    In the meantime, can you tell us a little more about yourself? We like to know each other a little but to give the best advice we can. Enjoy your trip!

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    Welcome aboard, JustaGuy!

    First things first: I know how you feel in terms of being afraid of being caught. When you visit ADISC, or any site related to ABDL stuff, use some sort of private browsing. InPrivate Browsing for Internet Explorer, Incognito for Google Chrome, and Private Browsing for Safari. This way, your computer won't retain any history of you visiting these sites. Also, use your own personal computer, not a work one. If you do that, you'll probably never be found out. Most of your friends and family aren't ABDL, I would guess, so they'd have no reason to even suspect a site like ADISC exists, much less that you're posting on it. And even if they somehow ended up here, they'd have to dig up your post out of thousands of others, when your username probably has nothing to do with who you are in real life. So you're OK here! And we're glad you're here

    Your trip sounds like the ideal time to try out diapers. And you'll be glad you did. After years of going the makeshift route, wearing real diapers was an amazing experience for me. So if you're guaranteed to have privacy, I'd go for it.

    To avoid detection, I'd get ahold of some Euros in Germany/before you go (assuming you're coming from another country). Use cash, not a credit card. That way it's a completely invisible transaction. And it's normal to have some spending money when you go on a trip. Use this cash to buy diapers at a...I'm guessing a drug store. I don't know Germany at all, so I'm just assuming that's where you would get diapers. And in a big city, there should be several. Maybe a German member can come by and fill us in on where you should look.

    Just a heads up: I know the first time buying diapers is scary. My first time, I spent so long staring at the diaper aisle that a worker came around to watch me, to make sure I wasn't shoplifting! The best thing you can do is get some diapers, pay, and go. They don't care; I've bought diapers in store many times, and never gotten comments. And even if they somehow did care, you'll never see that person again. It's completely safe!

    And finally, as others have said, if you're afraid of the diapers being found by your parents, throw them out before going home. You'll get another opportunity. And trust me, it's worth it.

    Good luck! Be sure to ask if you have any other questions, or need other advice. And once again, welcome to ADISC!

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    Ooh more European people hello :3!
    Everyone here gave so good advice I got only one thing to add; it gets easier with age. I live in a small town with super curious people, but when I went to pick up my package from post office, I didn't feel a shred of shame - even though the package had been torn and the nappies were showing!

    Good luck! And have fun in Germany! It's a lovely place this time of the year!

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    I love Germany, and I'm pretty jealous of your trip! I pretty much agree with everyone else - popping in to a pharmacy around where you're staying is the best bet. I've always found when I've been in Germany incontinence products aren't hard to come by. So give it a go and have fun!

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    Thank you so much for all the support and the advice, guys. And that for a new guy, wow. I owe you guys some more information on who I am, I think. I'm a male in my early 20's (yeah, does sound weird with the living with my parents stuff and them being all over what I do and stuff, but it is like that...) in Belgium. I have a job in IT, in my free time I'm on pc a lot, a play video games, hang out with friends and do some running to stay healthy. I only recently got interested in diapers etc. For now, that's what I'm comfortable telling you guys, maybe more follows later on.

    Now, let's get back to business, I have some concerns/questions concerning my plans for my little trip. Does anyone know how German pharmacies work ? Can you just take what you need no questions asked? (because where I live it doesn't workl ike that...) While I would be kind of OK with just taking what I need, paying and then getting out of there, I'm not ready to have a conversation around it and having to make up stories of metdical conditions etc... Do regular supermarkets also sell them? (i'm really new to this) Would be a little more assuring since, supermarket workers usually couldn't care less what you buy...

    Then some other questions, how big is a pack usually ? (cause I'm thinking of how I carry it through the streats in a discrete way, I'm thinking either my backpack, ore those big goodiebags you can get at Gamescom or something...)

    And a last thing, can anyone give some general buying advice to someone who is an absolute newbie to all this? I want them to be thick enough (for the sensation rather than for usage) and easy to put on for a beginner like me. And also, how do I choose a size? I'm not exactly thin (but not super fat either). Does size matter a lot ?

    Maybe I'm over thinking and asking myself too much questions, cause I want to be prepared (in order to do the scary parts quickly and fluently) and I really want this to happen, rather than end in disappointment.


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    For diaper sizing, I would go online and look trough the online stores to see which size fits you the best (you must also measure yourself! I measured from the thickest part of my waist and it has worked so far) so when you're out there buying some with cash you don't have to study the package too long, just look for S, M, L etc.. on the front of the package.
    The diapers I like the most Tena Slip Maxi (very thin everyday use diaper which still holds A LOT if you wanna use them too!) and Comficare M10 (VERY good, thick diaper!) come in packages you could hide inside a big backpack. Tena has 24 and Comficare 12 pieces in them. If you are an outdoors person you could hide them in a large hiking backpack! They will fit in there very well! My backpack is at its limit when I stuff the nappies in :')
    Oh, and nearly every store sells diapers in here, and I am very sure it is the same in Germany, too!
    You could also get a duffel bag or a large cloth bag to carry them in?

    Also, I have never seen a pharmacy that would have people working in there who asked too many questions! Or like, demanded an explanation!? Your pharmacy has some bad customer service OR you've only bought prescription drugs, those are sometimes stuff the staff NEEDS to ask questions about. But diapers are different. Usually every sane person who wants to keep their job will refrain from asking too intrusive questions. You could also just use the "Ich kann nicht sprechen deutsch" ploy lol!

    Good luck!

    Ah, nearly forgot to add, if you can't find very thick brands (not sure where comficare for example is sold, I buy from finnish web stores) you can buy a thin adult diaper and stuff it with a baby diaper or two! Just poke holes in the baby nappy if you want to wet them :3!

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    Ok, I've looked some more into it and from what I read: there are the real pharmacies ('Apotheke') where you have to ask for everything and they will want to advice you on it (so this will involve talking about it, not what I want). But you also have drugstores (Drogerie) for household and health products which function pretty much like supermarkets when you buy something (so no talking about it). And then there seems to be something in between where you can pick stuff freely but they will feel the need to discuss all the options etc... (so also not what I want) And then there's the regular supermarkets etc. When it comes to availability of adult diapers in Germany I read statements ranging from 'you find them in almost every store' all the way to 'you won't simply find them in stores, you'll need the real pharmacies (apotheke)' and everything in between. If there is someone who is Germand (and preferably from the cologne area) or knows the german 'market' a bit better, please help me out...

    My limited time there (next saturday/sunday) may also be a problem since I will be at the game expo the intire day (which is and remains the main purpose of my trip) and want to buy some afterwords and then enjoy them in the evening/night and the next they in the early afternoon I leave again... So I'll have to look for a shop with late enough opening times. Now, I found a 'müller drogerie' drugstore (pretty big chain apparently) which is open till 22:00 but I'm not sure whether they sell diapers... (there's also a dm-drogerie store which might be an option, although the timing will be a bit tighter)

    To end with a last question: what to do with the diapers when I leave? I guess I can leave the pack with the remaining ones just in my room (staff will find it, so what, it's not illegal or somthing, but with the used ones (or at least worn cause I won't 'use' them a lot), can I just thrrow those in the trash can? (or how else should I dispose of them?)<

    Again thanks for all the help.

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    You are pretty fresh in this. You have a lot to learn. Why throw them away? Just simply put them in your luggage. Bring them back with you. I'm sure you can figure out a hiding place before you leave.

    Another thing you can do is get a prepaid debit card and add your own money to it.

    You should stick around here. It's good to have someone to relate to, to talk to, and share experiences and everything else that comes along with this side of you. It's good to get done positive support and able to seek help from like-minded people.

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