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    Here's the situation: my family is moving, so right now I don't have a job so I can help them pack. But in a few weeks we'll be all set into the new house, and I'll be able to start working part-time again.

    As an AB/Little, I want something cute and babyish. (I like the designs on the ABU Sissy Diapers best of all, but I've heard icky things about them so I don't want to order those.) As a DL, I want something thick that will make me feel really padded. I've been having to make do with cheapie pullups so far ($5 for a 9-pack) and I always just end up wearing all of them at once for a superthick feel. It works well enough for the kind of experience I want but I'm tired of having to constantly buy 9 packs.

    Also comes the issue of how to explain the weird unmarked packages I get in the mail. I'm a student who lives at home. My parents are always... suspicious of any fetish-related activities. They know I have a few something-somethings for myself in a designated dresser drawer, but they don't know anything about my AB side, which so far is all in the same drawer. "Grow up" is something I hear from them a lot and so I don't think printed diapers would sit well with them at all. ("You're peeing yourself ON PURPOSE?! You have a real problem. Normal people don't wear diapers unless they REALLY NEED THEM." Etc. etc. etc.)

    Advice is appreciated!

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    Try bambino Diapers I like them because if you want cute you can go for the bears, ABC blocks or cats.

    Only problem is they can't keep there diapers in stock. :S

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    I've also heard that they're not very absorbant, which is iffy for me because I tend to "flood" when I regress...

    Anyone else have other suggestions...?

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    The bambino bellissimo are super freaking absorbent, imo.

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    • has reviews on the perfect diaper for you and has great products like Dry 24/7, absorbency plus, etc...very awesome at absorbency & discreet shipping.
    • has a few diapers but they got the really best ones like the Abena M4, tena slip maxi, but the Abena M4 is awesome, discreet, supreme at absorbency, some of the owners offer free shipping, and discreet shipping.
    • has some diapers that are absorbant (like you said some aren't absorbant or good). The best on the market is the Bellissimo, very comfy, very absorbant, and the same with all companies (or some) free & discreet shipping.
    • Sells the same diapers online you would expect but heard it ships internationally faster. (haven't heard a review by anyone about this website proceed with caution)(Never shopped here)
    • Never shopped here but by some people, really nice website.

    You can also buy booster pads from stores if you want more comfortness and absorbant if you aren't satisfied.

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    Another good thick absorbent diaper is Aww So Cute. They're a little expensive though.

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