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Thread: Favorite Diaper?

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    Default Favorite Diaper?

    What's your favorite diaper and why?

    Currently, mine has to be the Bambino Bianco. It's thick, really absorbent and relatively discrete if I wanted to wear it out. Currently waiting for my sample pack of Abena M4s to arrive sometime this week.

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    The one I'm wearing…because I'm wearing it.

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    My faves are; bambino Bellissimo, Tena(the one I'm wearing right now), tranquility, exact and pampers (as stuffers)~

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    Comficare M10! It is soooo absorbent, soft, nice, comfy.. If I want something a bit more discreet I put on Tena Slip Maxi, they're super reliable, too!

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    Although I do love me some Dry 24/7, I'm a bit more practical than that most days. My wife doesn't get the whole DL thing and wants nothing to do with it, so I tend to go for discreet diapers that would let me wear around her should she wake up earlier than expected. Right now, for instance, I'm in a Tena Super Stretch (a favorite) because they fit great, hold a bunch, and don't scream, "I'M WEARING A DIAPER UNDER HERE!!!" They're quiet and fairly thin. Same with the Abena DeltaForm diapers. I know people love to hate on diapers with the "cloth" cover, but the fact is that they work great for me and you can't really tell when I'm wearing one under lose clothing.

    My favorite diaper is the one I can wear more often.


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    Bambino Bellismo's and Classico's, especially after redesign! Thoroughly pleased with both :p

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    I'm for Comficare. Soooo Comfy, I sleep very well when I have one on!

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    Bambino Bellissimos. I hear the Comficares have the absolute most capcity though and I'm a big wetter. Can't wait to get home and try my first samples!

    I'm actually going to put them in a bucket of water and compare the Conficare and Bellissimo directly (along with a Fabine and Dry 24/7). I've never seen this direct comaprison done.

    It's interesting because 3 of those brands are made by the same chinese company and the physical layouts look identical.

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    Overall, Bambino Bellissimo. But I'm not a good source of info because I've only tried CVS, Bellissimo, Molicare, and ABU.

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    Although I think Molicare super plus are the comfiest. :3

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