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    Hello all,
    I just bought a pack of CVS Day & Night diapers because my local shops are sold out of Depends Protection w/ Tabs and I'm wearing my last Bambino right now (wet of course ). I was wondering if anyone has worn the CVS brand before and if they have any feedback/tips for me?


    PS: I'm a newbie to the diaper community.

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    In my experience, they're about as absorbent as the Depends you mentioned. However, they're more leak-prone and have severe press-out issues.

    If you take some Tena Overnight pads, also easily obtained at CVS, and poke some holes in the pad, then put the pad inside the diaper when you put it on, you can effectively double the diaper's capacity. Those pads also help with the press-out problem. I've used up to two pads, makes them very thick and because the diaper has no leak guards in the first place you don't have to worry about the pads getting in their way.

    These are the same as the Walmart and walgreens generic beand briefs, as a sidenote.

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    Although I have never worn a store brand others say that they are not as absorbent as other diapers. Only advice is to not wet in it too much.

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    Thank you for the feedback.
    I decided to poke holes in the first diaper and put another over it for bedtime.

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    Let us know how that worked for you. Never used them myself.

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    It worked great. I can't wet when asleep but I woke up several times throughout the night because I drank so much before bedtime. When I finally got out of bed this morning they were mushy and warm and swollen and I was very happy.

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    I had trouble with the tabs pulling off the back sheet so I put a staple in them.

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    I haven't had an issue with them. I wish I got the next size up so I wouldn't have to fight as hard to get the second one fastened comfortably.

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    They are a decent diaper for the price. I have yet to have one leak but I have also never flooded one. They are a rather good every day diaper for moderate wetting. I wear them when I think I might have an Incontinence issue that day and since that is not a severe issue most of the time good for price.

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    I never bought diapers in CVS but in Walgreen yes

    I think they are the same (if I'm wrong let me know)

    I bought a pack of 40 diaper (now 17 )

    I prefer plastic diapers to feel that I am in the 90's ... but this is very good brand


    1) Comfortable

    2) Good absorbance

    3) Cotton fabric is peeled from the superficy of the diaper and the plastic is exposed
    (the bad thing)

    4) Strong tapes

    5) A good Cloth-like fabric with breathable zones (believe me I live in a very hot place and this diapers is good for me)

    6) Cheap

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