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Thread: GFX contest...Prize 1 rep point!

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    Default GFX contest...Prize 1 rep point!

    Ok, here are the rules, you may use any image editor you want, but you may want to use Adobe Photshop [proposal for illegal activity removed. Please do not encourage people to break copyright laws!].

    The picture has to be 380X110 Pixles

    You will have from today 2/21 till 2/25 to complete this, at that point I will make a new thread with all the pictures and a poll, after 1 day of voting the winner gets rep point, and the choice of the next render for the next challenge.

    I hope to make one challenge every few days

    Good luck!
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    Wait, I don't understand exactly what we're supposed to do with this image....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kams View Post
    Wait, I don't understand exactly what we're supposed to do with this image....
    It's a GFX image, basically they're like sigs.

    You get a render( ) and you start editing the image making look good using different effects, heres a junk one I threw together(not my submission, just an example)

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    homework permitting i'll most likely make i haven't made a sig since my socom days.

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    Here's my entry:

    +rep or not... I just wanted to join ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    I don't think Moo or the mods will like the +1 rep idea.
    Waits for Kraiden's rant like the last time someone put a rep point as reward for something.

    And I have to agree with that stance. Rep is earned for being good in the community not making nice pics. Even people where that don't deserve rep can get rep this way.

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    Well there is mine, could have been better but I decided to make it at school...

    3 days left, you can still enter/change the GFX if you want!

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    I might have a go, depending on time. But I'd agree with the whole rep points are being abused here. Nor do we want a Rep war... Which could be likely. If they don't win or don't get voted for >.>... You know how kids are...

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