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Thread: Ugg, and now what!?

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    Default Ugg, and now what!?

    Hi everybody. I've been recovering from bladder and ultimately just some leaks at night. I end up so tired and then when sleeping I can't make it to the washroom, feeling the sleep paralysis, everybody knows.
    I've been using pull ups at night such as goodnites boys XL and then I found prevail youth extra underwear. I fell in love with the prevail because they're comfy, discreet, not bulky and they feel like normal underwear. Sometimes when a hurry or when I can't find my regular underwear or when washing I use them as normal underwear, I don't have any leaks at daytime.
    Now I'm almost running out of my pull ups and I can't find them at the drugstore were I buy them. Now they have only tranquility diapers and tena diapers!!!! >_<, then a lady told me about another product from depend, then the lady brought me to the incontinence products area and then the underwear or pull ups are only for women!!! WTF!!!. Almost no men pull ups!, just XXL sizes (that's a Hipo size!). I tried at night a sample of tena brief, but I can't pull them up as my pull ups!!, then I found at the pharmacy the depend silhouette Small Medium but it's for women.
    Ugghhh I hate this as do you don't have idea!.

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    I assume that would cause some discomfort "down there" for you. It's weird that they would stop carrying men's products. I assume they were just out of stock. Why not go to a superstore like Wal-Mart or Target or whatever is closest to your area, and stock up on your pull-ups so that you do not run out again. It looks like Wal-Mart carries them, at least.

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    Have you tried shopping online? Is it even a possibility for you?

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    You could try to shop online. Most incontinence sites offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. If you buy in bulk, you always save.

    Hopefully this is some help for you.
    Best wishes.

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    I already tried online and it takes two weeks. I hate to walk the whole day and I can't find pull ups of my size!. Probably tomorrow another pharmacy they'll receive prevail youth extra underwear. I don't like diapers because they get hot when I'm sleeping and I like to wear PE shorts or sports pants over my pull ups, and I don't like to wear the diaper by itself. I like prevail because it feel like underwear that diaper and I can use it as disposable underwear when going out of town and I save time on washing underwear.

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